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Do you have trouble keeping on schedule? Is life getting more hectic by the minute? As kids grow older, mums have more to keep up with as each kid has a different schedule, even more so if you are a working mum. Use these tips to help you keep up with the day to day madness!

  1. Write down the list of things/chores you need to get done for the whole month at the start of every month, and schedule every task into a planner – this is a real lifesaver!
  2. Put up a family planner on the wall, preferably in the common dining area or in the kitchen. Use a cork-board/sticky board so that everyone can add in their events easily, and colour-coordinate if you have more than one kid. You will also want to have an online backup like the Apple or Google calendar, which can save you time on communicating calendar changes to your spouse.
  3. Lay out clothes and packed bags for the whole family the night before – that way everyone just has to get up, wash up, get dressed and leave!
  4. Plan simple meals for the family, use easy cooking methods like slow-cooker/rice-cooker recipes and do online grocery shopping to save time! If you’re a coffee lover, make sure to get a coffee-maker with a timer, so that your coffee is also ready when you are!
  5. Learn to say no! Even if you feel like superwoman, everybody has limits. It’s great that multi-tasking is your strength, but moms need enough rest too!

With these simple tips in hand, as long as you make sure to stick to what you plan and keep the good habits going, you’ll be ahead of the game in no time!

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