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Pulling off elaborate hairstyles for your little girl might seem tough thanks to morning routines that cut right down to the wire. Ahead, we share four chic hairstyles that you can achieve for the princess in five minutes or less.

Twist Wrap Ponytail

Upgrade a simple ponytail with a few twists and a few elastic bands.

How to achieve it: 

  • Tie up hair into a high ponytail
  • Wrap a small piece of hair around the base of the ponytail for a more polished look
  • To create the little twists, grab two pieces of hair and twist them together before backcombing the ends to stop it from unravelling. Repeat this step to create two separate pieces.
  • Take the main section of hair and repeat the twisting.
  • Wrap the smaller twisted braids into the main braid in a criss cross manner. Then secure at the end with a clear elastic band

Boxy French Braid

This video recommends three hairstyles, but the design we’ve got our eye on starts at 3:04 onwards. 

How to achieve it: 

  • Using a rat tail comb, section out top part of hair (including fringe) and secure the rest of the hair with a rubber band.
  • Create a french braid on the crown of the head and plait downwards
  • To make this hairstyle suitable for school, simply tie up the rest of the hair into a low ponytail

Low Twist Side Ponytail

Similar to the previous video, this hair savvy mummy has plenty of different hairstyles to share. Skip ahead to 4:35 for the two-step low twist side pony. 

How to achieve it: 

  • Pull hair into a severe side part and separate into two sections.
  • Twist each section inwards – towards each other and secure with an elastic band

Bubble Braid

These hairstyles are more suitable for girls with longer hair, but you’ll be able to adapt them for short-haired cuties as well. 

How to achieve it: 

  • Pull hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck and comb through
  • Secure the hair using an elastic band about two to three inches down. Then fluff the hair outwards till the desired bubble is formed
  • Create another bubble and repeat this step till you reach the bottom of the ponytail
  • Attach a cute hair accessory if desired

While this hairstyle recommends styling the fringe into a “three flip” hairstyle, you can skip this step and simply leave a side fringe.