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Think your house is ready for the baby’s arrival? Make sure you don’t leave out these simple and affordable safety features! Once the child is born, it will be difficult to set aside time to install these features so remember to prepare them in advance.

Door muffs
These prevent doors from slamming loudly especially when the kids handle the door, and can be adjusted to prevent doors from closing completely. This way, it prevents injuries if babies and toddlers place their fingers in between.
Click here for the DIY version or buy them on Etsy.

Cabinet Locks
Not everyone installs their house with cabinets that have locks, it’s also too much of a hassle dealing with keys/unlocking especially for everyday areas like the kitchen. But what if you want your little puff close-by without having to worry about him opening every cupboard or getting injured? Try using a cookie cutter! You might be surprised but you can easily use something as simple as a rubber band or a toy to lock your cabinets.

Photo credit: www.permachildsafety.com

Photo credit: www.permachildsafety.com

Stove Knob Covers
These come in really handy especially because stoves heat up automatically with one touch of the knob nowadays. It’s definitely essential if you don’t have a child barricade for the kitchen area! Click to buy them here.

Table Corner Guards
To prevent infants, toddlers and kids from getting nasty scratches and scars when running around the house or playing near a table, corner/edge guards are your answer. Especially when little tots are learning to walk, they will tend to hold on to the nearest structure for support.

Bookshelf Holders
If the family has a large book collection from ceiling to floor, there are bound to be shelves that come in babies’ reach around the house. To keep them from pulling books out and getting hurt, simply tie a rubber tubing/unwanted excess bicycle tubing around the shelf to hold them in place easily!

Remember to install these safety features if you are expecting a little one soon, or if your infant is already learning to walk and move at a rapid speed!

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