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Celebrities often have more access to resources and support than us regular folks, so we wouldn’t blame you if you thought that celebrity mums have it all under control. But here are six books by celebrity mums who shed an all too real light on pregnancy and parenting, proving that at the end of it all, they are just like the rest of us. 

Kelly Rowland – Whoa, Baby!

kelly rowland whoa baby

Singer-songwriter Kelly Rowland was filled with a lot of love and adoration for her son, Titan Jewell, when he came into the world in November 2014. But she was also freaked out by what her body had just gone through, as well as being overwhelmed with many new thoughts and emotions that came with being a new mum. Luckily for Kelly, her OB/GYN Dr. Tristan Bickman was always around to answer any questions that popped into her head, and there were no topics that were off-limits. Now, the two women have teamed up to give other ladies a real glimpse into the less-than-glamourous side of pregnancy as well as the hormonal and emotional parts that come with being postpartum.

Available for purchase from: Kinokuniya, Kindle

Jenna von Oy – Situation Momedy: A Very Special Episode In Toddlerdom

Jenny Von Oy - Situation Momedy

Pregnancy books and guides have a tendency to lean towards the more clinical side, but that wasn’t what actress Jenna von Oy was looking for when she was preparing to give birth to her first daughter. She was actually looking for more of a “best friend’s” guide to motherhood, and she later published Situation Momedy: A First-Time Mom s Guide to Laughing Your Way through Pregnancy & Year One. Now entrenched in the toddler years of her two daughters – Marlowe Monroe 2½, and Gray Audrey 5 – Jenna’s new book introduces mums to the various adventures they can look forward to as their child(ren) moves into toddlerhood.

Available for purchase from: Kinokuniya, Kindle

Jillian Michaels – Yeah Baby!

Jillian Michaels - Yeah Baby

You may know Jillian Michaels as a fitness guru who kicks serious butt on The Biggest Loser, but she’s also a mother of two! Along with her team of medical experts, Jillian’s book is full of tips and tricks that will arm you with the most up-to-date information available, so that you can make the right choices for you and your newest addition. But what makes this book truly a must-have for all those soon-to-be and new mums is that it comes complete with meal plans featuring delicious nutrition packed recipes and trimester specific fitness programs to ensure that you’ll bounce back from your pregnancy stronger and better than ever. 

Available for purchase from: Kinokuniya, Kindle

Jenny Mollen – Live Fast Die Hot

Jenny Mollen Live Fast Die Hot

We’re pretty sure all mums would have experienced the moment where they had to go from fun-loving into a responsible adult when their child comes into this world, and bestselling author Jenny Mollen builds on the sentiment as she shares her own stories of being a mum. Addressing important questions that all women face have when faced with the new responsibilities of motherhood, Jenny’s unapologetic yet hilarious memoir is about how terrifying and maddening it is to love something more than yourself. 

Available for purchase from: Kinokuniya, Kindle

Jill Simonian – The Fab Mom’s Guide: How To Get Over The Bump & Bounce Back Fast After Baby

Jill Simonian - The Fab Mom's Guide

Parenting expert Jill Simonian is here to show you that “bouncing back fast after pregnancy” is absolutely possible for anyone! No, the ‘bounce back’ in question isn’t about getting back to your pre-baby body, but rather focusing the mind, spirit and choices that can help a mum to get organised, have fun, feel in-control and reinvented within six months of having a baby. Honest, inspirational and empowering, The FAB Mom provides a unique roadmap that will help mums manage and conquer the different lifestyle challenges a newborn often brings. 

Available for purchase from: Kinokuniya, Kindle

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