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Understanding daughters can be a constant struggle, even for mums. Especially in today’s society where opinions are shaped easily by trends and small mishaps on social media can lead to harmful and sometimes permanent complications, it is not easy being a girl. So here are 5 pieces of advice every girl needs to hear, reminding her to embrace herself and thoroughly enjoy the best parts of life.

1. Don’t shape yourself by society’s standards of how you should look and act.


In today’s society, it’s a tough struggle where girls can get discriminated because of failing to follow trends, or behaving slightly differently from the average “Insta-popular” girls. It’s important to remind daughters that it’s simply not important to pay attention to such ‘standards’; a girl should live her life for herself.

2. Always be kind, especially to yourself.


All girls have varying personalities and children often start out with innocent perspectives of the people around them. Whether or not you treat everyone you come across with kindness, everyone tends to be our own harshest critic. Thus, it’s important to remind your girls to also be kind to themselves.

3. Remember to forgive and forget.


More often than not, girls who are growing up may hold certain mishaps and situations close to their heart, holding on to bitterness. This is what prevents growth and openness to new beginnings. Putting pride and grievances aside readily speeds up the self-learning process.

4. Learn from mistakes and give yourself advice when you need it.


Other than moving past previous mistakes or forgiving others who may have made them upset, past experiences are also the best way to learn how to carry themselves. Instead of letting the pain of these memories overwhelm themselves, teach your daughters to retain the learning points and apply them in the future.

5. True beauty shines from within.


A cliché that is almost as old as time, this is one phrase which all girls should constantly remind themselves of. Someone who is truly beautiful is someone who exudes genuine happiness, flaws and all. When a girl learns to accept herself and her imperfections, that’s when she is absolutely happy and naturally beautiful.

Remember to pass these on to your daughters or anyone who might need them!

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