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Getting your kiddo ready in the morning can be a trying process, especially when it comes to picking their outfits. Here are five handy tips to get your child dressed and out the door without any temper tantrums. 

Relook bedtimes

If your child has trouble getting up in the morning without lazing in bed, he might not be getting enough shut-eye. Preschoolers require about 10 to 13 hours of sleep every night, so make sure they’re getting ample time to rest by relooking your kid’s bed time. Waking up bright-eyed and refreshed will help reduce the pesky morning tantrums, and help to set a good tone for the rest of the day, 

Make morning routines fun 

Waking up early can be a drag. So start the day on a fun note by racing your kid to the bathroom, having mini challenges (“Let’s see who’s the fastest at getting ready!”)… anything that’ll energise and excite your child to start the day. For kids who’ve started dressing themselves, try saying things like: “This shirt is so cute! I bet you want to quickly put this on and show it off to your friends!” for that extra push. 

Give your child options

Allowing your child to pick out their own outfit can be a win-win situation: it gives the little one a sense of control, minimises temper tantrums (“But i don’t want to wear this!”) and speeds up the entire process. But instead of letting him dive freely into the wardrobe, lay out a few outfits and ask your child to choose from those options – having a curated selection will minimise any odd or impractical clothing combinations without taking away his decision-making power.

Prepare a style guide of their favourite outfits

Snap an #OOTD (outfit of the day) the next time your child’s rocking a look. These snaps will come in handy as outfit inspiration for the next time he can’t decide what to wear! 

Prepare their outfits the night before

Similar to how adults pack their work bags the night before to grab-and-go the next morning, preparing your child’s outfit the night saves precious time. It cuts down the hassle of digging deep into the wardrobe for that particular shirt and ensures you leave the house on time. This can avoid any unwanted frustrations or unhappiness to rush for work. It also teaches your child to not to be fickle-minded and stick with their choices the previous night. Simply dress them up and you are ready to go!

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