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There is nothing quite like motherhood, and the joys that it bring. We speak to five mothers to get their true feelings on what it’s like to be a mummy and how your precious children equate to sheer happiness. 

  1. “For one, I never knew that I have so much love to give! Every single decision made will revolve around your children, and you will go all out for them even without realising it.” – Amelia Ng, accountant, mother of a two-year-old daughter.
  2. “Motherhood kept both my feet firmly on the ground. Mothers are the emotional backbones of the family. They provide the holding place for everyone’s feelings and do their best to keep their loved ones from being hurt.” – Ling Wu, designer, mother of three (ages two-and-a-half, six & 10).
  3. “Motherhood is an ongoing journey and a continuous life lesson. It teaches me to smile at the simplest things, appreciate every minute with my family and always never fails to show me that sacrifices are worth making.” – Aminah Hamid, freelance tutor, mother of three (ages 5, 7, and 12).
  4. “Motherhood has taught me that there is no right or wrong method – it’s all about trying and putting your child first. I always wondered how other mothers do it, but after having my own, I realised that as much as it is the hardest job in the world, it is also the most fulfilling one.” – Priya Chandran, engineer, mother of a three-year-old son. 
  5. “Motherhood is special to me because one is responsible for bringing up a child to become a whole person, who will be of good standing and to care for others, as well as themselves, in both the community and in their life. They also need to learn to balance family life and work life, as well as to be a caring partner in life and work. As children also learn by watching their parents, one has to learn to be self aware, so as to be able to try to impart these lessons properly. This is the challenge of parenthood. I am honoured to have learned patience, understanding, greater self awareness and honesty from my children.” – Marilyn Tan, jewellery designer, mother of two (ages 5 & 9). 

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