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5 Reasons To Read To Your Newborn

Reading to your infant is important, even when she can’t understand what you’re saying. Here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Create A Routine
    Try to make reading a daily affair, even if your sessions last only for five or ten minutes. Your baby doesn’t have a long attention span, but research shows that the time you spend reading to him has a huge impact on his brain development and academic performance later in life. In a study published in Pediatrics, researchers gave educational materials and children’s books to low income parents of babies ages 5 to 11 months, and found that by the time the kids were 18 to 25 months old, they had significantly higher vocabulary scores than children who weren’t given books. 
  2. Keep Them Captivated
    Babies love bright, contrasting colours and images of familiar objects or people. Around 4 months or so, when your child is able to point and grab, she’ll be drawn to books that she can manipulate. Look for soft fabrics, crinkly sounds, or flaps and tabs to lift and pull. 
  3. Repeat Again and Again
    You may inwardly groan when your baby points to the same book ten times in a row, but experts say all that repetition is both exciting and comforting to him. It’s a big developmental milestone when he can anticipate what’s coming next. Plus, when he hears the same word frequently, he’s more likely to store it in his little memory bank for when he’s ready to start talking.
  4. Make It A Conversation
    Want to shake your book time up a bit? Try singing the words on the page or acting out the story’s plot using funny faces or voices.Encourage her to mimic what you’re saying or doing, then copy the sounds she makes back to her. This can be especially fun once she starts to babble, usually around 5 or 6 months.
  5. Let Him Lead
    Your main goal while you’re reading is to make sure that your child is having fun. It’s more important that you enjoy the book together than it is that you actually finish it. It’s also perfectly fine if he starts chewing or tugging on the book. He simply wants to interact with it in every possible way.

And there you have it! Have you tried reading to your newborn yet? Leave us a comment down below.