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Gardening with your children? Does the image of them making a mess of the soil and pots in your garden come to mind? Time to rethink and make your green fingers do the gardening. Gardening is a great activity that you can incorporate into your lifestyle, especially with the young curious minds at home.

  1. REDUCE STRESS: Gardening or growing small potted plants can help to reduce stress and restore calmness. Nothing beats watching  your seedling sprout, grow and blossom! You are bound to hear excited voices telling you how the small seed is finally developing leaves or there is a tiny bud waiting to bloom.
  2. INCULCATE A SENSE OF DUTY: Through gardening, you and your child get to set common family goal together. This helps your child to be inculcated with a sense of duty and ownership, a practical transitional test to teach and prepare your child (and the family) for future pet ownership, especially if your child is asking for a pet and is unaware of the responsibilities involved.
  3. INCREASE FAMILY BOND: With sessions of gardening, be it planting a new seed, watering the plants or repotting a growing plant; this shared activity helps to strengthen bonds. Plus, this is a great time to ask your child how his day went in school or what are the upcoming school activity he is looking forward to.
  4. HONE SKILLS AND KEEP FIT TOGETHER: Children love to dig, shovel and bury stuff and these are all part of discovering and learning. Flex those muscles and hone gross motor skills. And the best part is, you get to have a workout without spending a bomb on an expensive gym membership.
  5. ADD GREENS TO THE FAMILY TABLE: What other way to let your child taste the fruits of his labour (yes, literally) than to grow some practical greens that can eventually land on the dining table. Watch your child beam with pride when you send him to the herb garden to harvest the herb you want to include in the roast or salad. Check out My Pocket Garden (www.easigarden.com) for a complete quick growing kit that contains seeds (choice of lettuce, red spinach, radish or cai win).
Nature Appreciation Programme

Image Credit: Outward Bound Singapore, National Youth Council

Unsure of how to sprout some practical greens? Enrol your child and yourself in the Outward Bound Singapore’s Nature Appreciation Programme (parenting workshops) happening on 14 March 2016.