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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Chingay 2020 With The Family

Chingay, which was first held in 1973 as part of the Lunar New Year celebration, features vibrant performers in elaborate costumes, larger-than-life floats, intricate props and structures, and multi-cultural performances. It’s one of the colourful events families look forward to every year. 

Themed “Colours in Harmony”, this year’s Chingay will happen on 31 January to 1 February at F1 Pit Building with selected floats and performers continuing to The Float @ Marina Bay. Admission starts at 6pm while the parade will happen from 8pm to 9:30pm.

Still deciding if you’ll be watching this year’s parade? Let these reasons convince you to bring the kids for some weekend fun.

#1 An electrifying opening number featuring the release of 200-metre-long firecrackers 

To get everyone in a festive mood, the opening of Chingay 2020 will feature a release of 200m-long firecrackers accompanied by 600 performers waving colourful ribbon props. This will be followed by the Sunshine of Harmony segment where 550 young dancers are dressed up as lively and industrious “bees.” As if that isn’t enough, the audience will have to keep their eyes wide open for the appearance of remote-controlled “bees”!

#2 Talented performers from all around the world 

From dance to parade and music, Chingay 2020 will serve as the stage for hundreds of talented performers, all bringing with them the spirit of a colourful Singapore. Aside from Chinese, Malay, and Indian cultural performances, four local major ethnic groups will come together at the Culture in Harmony segment to showcase Singapore’s diversity in harmony in the fusion item titled “Harmony In Motion.” There will also be international performers from Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Russia, and Vietnam. 

#3 Creativity at its finest

If you’re wondering how bamboo can be incorporated into a performance, better get your eyes glued as 600 young and energetic percussionists use it as a key element in a float that represents the different communities in Singapore. Bamboo represents strength in unity and these performances will show just that.

The Diversity of Harmony segment of the event will feature stilt walkers, sky runners, a traditional dragon dance performing side by side a remote-control flying dragon, and a lion dance using lions made from unexpected materials, which are all designed to showcase the beauty of both traditional and contemporary performances.

Young Singaporeans will also treat the audience to a jaw-dropping pole dancing and cheerleading performances. Here, the world’s largest and longest flying dragon will also make its debut! The final act will also feature a theme song produced by local award-winning producer and arranger Kenn C. 

#4 See the Bridge of Harmony float up close 

The highlight of the show is the unique “Bridge of Harmony” float made with “Harmony” tiles, which come in six different colours representing the following community values: Diversity, Inclusiveness, Care, Courage, Innovation, and Excellence. These values are central to Singapore’s community-building efforts over the last six decades. The float was co-created by more than 20,000 residents under the Chingay 2020 Community Engagement Programme (CEP), which lasted for three months and took place in more than 150 locations island-wide.  

#5 Stunning displays of fireworks and pyrotechnics

Aside from performances and float displays, the event will also treat the audience to a magnificent showcase of fireworks and pyrotechnics, which will light up the night sky leaving everyone on a high note as the show comes to its close.

For more information on Chingay 2020, visit https://www.chingay.org.sg/.