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5 Safe Sports For Active Kids With Asthma

Did you know that one in five school-going children in Singapore suffers from asthma, making it one of the most common chronic diseases found in kids. And though another related concern is exercise-indused asthma (where your child seem to tire easily during or after exercise), this doesn’t mean asthmatic kids have to stay away from physical activity completely. In fact, doctors say that being active can help strengthen their breathing muscles and help their lungs work better, and offer a good chance of getting cured from asthma completely.

5 Best Types Of Sports For Asthmatic Children

  1. Yoga
    Breathing exercise is an essential element of yoga, and it helps to energise more areas of the lungs.
  2. Walking
    Improve your child’s asthma condition and fitness level by walking for 30 minutes a day, three times a week.  
    kids and mum go for a walk
  3. Swimming
    While swimming, your child breathes in highly humidified air, and this builds up the muscles he uses for breathing.
    boy swimming
  4. Mini Golf
    Not only is mini golf good for children’s minds, but the alterations of the arm swings and walks also keeps them moving without triggering an attack.
    boy lying on golf course
  5. Cycling
    Leisure cycling at a moderate pace is a fun and safe choice for children with asthma. Avoid cycling in hilly areas to prevent it from getting too intense.
    boy on bicycle