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It is hard to find the motivation to workout after pregnancy, especially for moms who were not particularly athletic pre-pregnancy. However, there are simple workouts besides cardio that any mom can do in the comfort of your own home to break into a sweat. Once you get used to these simple routines, you’ll easily take on more challenging workouts in order to achieve your athletic or weight loss goals.

8 Minute Abs Workout

The 8 minute abs workout is one that gets your body into the groove of working out. Typically used to warm up the abs before doing heavier lifts, this is a great short workout for the abs. For best results, you can pair it with bodyweight exercises or consistent interval workouts for other body parts as well.

Bikini Body Mommy

A free 90 day challenge by Briana Christine, you can find full length videos of the 90-day workout plan on YouTube where she fully explains each exercise. Most of the workouts can be done easily with objects found in your own home. She also carefully explains how to modify each exercise and that you will slowly get strong enough to do the complete moves. In this series, she is also documenting how she loses weight after the birth of her 4th child. Challenge yourself for just 8 – 20 minutes each day by completing the 90-day guide and get used to a more active lifestyle!

Total Body Cardio

A simple 10 minute workout, you can follow this video and keep up with the time indicators. It’s a great cardio workout that works the whole body while raising the heart rate which is great for beginners. You can also check out the Fitness Blender channel for even more simple at-home workouts. 

Full Body Workout

For moms who prefer something that you don’t need a timer for, you can follow this at-home workout which usually takes 20 minutes. Follow the combination of various movements and number of reps completed in the video at your own pace for an overall body workout.

Yoga for Weight Loss

For moms who prefer a slower-paced workout while stretching out the body, check out yoga for weight loss! This does not require too much jumping and vigorous movements but it is a slightly longer workout. You will be surprised by how much yoga movements can make you perspire! Check out Yoga With Adriene for more yoga for weight loss videos.

All workouts should be accompanied by healthy eating habits and balanced meals full of nutrients and rid of empty carbohydrates in order to repair your muscles while burning the excess fat. Make sure you satiate your hunger with lots of fibre, protein, and sufficient healthy carbohydrates, because eating too little will be harmful to the body. Fish out your exercise mat and try these out today – you’ll see how easy they can be and wonder why you didn’t start earlier!

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