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5 Things Parents Spend Unnecessary Money On

As parents, it’s understandable that we want only the best for our kids. Because of that, it’s easy to end up spending more money than we ought to. A way to start is to be aware of what are the items that are a total waste of money. So here they are:

  1. Tiny Clothes

    Yes those teeny, tiny clothes are so cute, but the reality that babies grow out of them very quickly. So buying a wardrobe full of tiny baby clothes means you’ll end up with half a wardrobe of never-been-worn baby clothes with their price tags still on.

    The same holds true for pretty much every clothing size right up till school-going age – either we buy too much, or your child develops an obsession with just type of outfit and refuse to wear anything else for the year (It does happen!). So go easy on the clothing purchases for the first few years. A few basics and a couple of nice outfits should suffice.

  2. Brand New Items

    Whether you’re looking for a parenting book, cookbook, baby bath or high chair, someone around you – a relative or a friend – would have a pre-loved one to spare. Not to mention a deluge of toys, clothes and children’s books. There’s really no need to get everything brand new.

  3. Lots Of Toys

    Just like with clothes, it’s easy to get carried away by the sheer variety available, but some basics (building blocks and shape sorters), and a few special ones earned at every birthday, is good enough. (Read our story on 6 Ways Kids Play Without Toys.)

  4. Baby Birthday Parties

    The time, energy, stress and money that parents spend on their child’s first few birthday parties can get a little overboard. From overinviting guests, hiring clowns, magicians and a jumping castle – all these could ring up a really hefty bill. And believe us when we say your tot is not going to remember any of it. So save these money for a real kick-ass party when she/he turns 10!

  5. Needs Vs. Wants

    The key here again is to carefully prioritise your spending when they’re little (and oblivious to their surrounding) to avoid retail fatigue. Because frankly, it does get more expensive when they’re older.