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It’s tough being a mom, especially when we all have so many responsibilities. Kids are ever so energetic and it’s easy to get agitated by their behaviour, especially when you are tired after a long day of housework or did not have an smooth day at work. However, sometimes you have to remember to take a step back and calm yourself down, being more patient leads to lesser heated arguments and in fact, can be more efficient. Try these tips today to increase your patience when it comes to handling your child.

  1. Refrain from shouting, lower your voice
    Yelling and shouting is what usually frustrates a child, and will usually work to your disadvantage. Tell them what they have done wrong nicely, or what they can do if they are misbehaving, instead of shouting and chiding them about what they cannot do.
  2. Give yourself a time out
    It’s hard to be patient when you are faced with many things at once. If you find that everything is getting too overwhelming, just take a time out and remove yourself from the situation. If you have infants around, make sure your spouse, parents or helper is around to keep an eye. Take a deep breath and realign yourself, remind yourself that it’s not worth getting too perplexed about day to day situations.
  3. Try putting yourself in your child’s shoes
    Sometimes, as adults, we overlook small details that may affect our children in large ways, and are quick to assume the reasons for their behaviour. Once you calm yourself down, read deeper into the situation and try to understand why they might be feeling upset. The reason could be unrelated to what is currently happening. There will always be a difference in communicating with children, so take more time to notice the little details.
  4. Practice being more patient
    If you find it hard to take these steps, do some more homework on how to be patient and practice! Write down notes and steps to take for each situation – for example, holding your breath for 5 seconds if you feel like yelling, or taking a time out and counting to ten or distracting yourself with your favourite comedy. Find what works for you, practice it and put it to good use.
  5. Allow your kids to complete a task
    Every mom has a perfectionist in her and will find that kids just cannot get some things right. But, if you take a step back, let them complete a task and appreciate their work, you will find that this builds their confidence and strengthens their self-worth. It also trains you to be less controlling and increases your patience.

Remember to pause and draw a deep breath whenever you feel like you’re about to lose your temper and smile whenever you can!

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