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5 Tips to Prevent Common Childhood Infections

An effective method to prevent and reduce the spread of infections amongst children is to practise good hygiene at all times. Here’s how you can inculcate these habits at home and when outside to reduce the spread of common infections to your child and others.

  • TIP 1: Wash hands with soap and water
    If washing facilities are not readily available, use a hand sanitiser keep hands clean. Ensure that the sanitiser completely dries before touching anything.
  • TIP 2: Keep shared surface areas clean
    Ensure commonly touched surfaces such as door handles, light switches, and bathroom taps are cleaned and disinfected daily. Be sure to increase the frequency of cleaning when someone at home is sick. 
  • TIP 3: Avoid sharing food, drinks and personal items
    Use a serving spoon during meal times to avoid sharing utensils and straws. Try not to share face or bath towels too.
  • TIP 4: Teach your child to cover their mouth with a piece of tissue when coughing
    After contact with saliva or mucus, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • TIP 5: Keep your children away from one another when they’re sick
    If only one of your babies are infected, monitor the others closely and practise the steps above to prevent the spread to their siblings.

How do you keep your little ones from being infected? Share your tips with us below!