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Besides being stressful for a child, the impending arrival of the exam period can also become a stressor for parents. The mere pressure of wanting to do well can sometimes cause children to act out. They often wind up becoming short-tempered or emotional—which could hinder their overall wellbeing.

As such, here are five helpful tips that you could use to support your child through his revision period.

#1 Plan your child’s revision in advance

The important thing in your child’s revision routine is structure. It is always good to sit with your child at the beginning of a long revision period and put together a revision plan that works best. Once he’s gotten the hang of following the revision schedule, you should trust to let your child take reign of his routine. A possible guideline that parents can use is structuring the revision timetable to follow that of their child’s school curriculum.

#2 Ensure your child has a balanced revision schedule

How much time is the right amount to revise? The key idea behind revision is that it’s not the duration a child spends in the room but the productivity that he experiences within the time period. The general guide recommends four to six hours per day with plenty of time for breaks and relaxation. If you’re planning for a six-hour revision a day, you must ensure that these six hours are broken down into three two-hour stints that gives your child a break in between.

#3 Remind your child to take breaks

In order to help a child be an active, effective, and productive student, parents need to ensure that their child knows how to look after himself mentally and sensibly. If you see your child working too much and getting frustrated at a problem he can’t seem to solve, take him out for a snack or go for a long walk with him. This helps your child to instil the idea of being able to take time off without worrying that he’s not revising enough.

#4 Help keep your child’s diet balanced

Apart from ensuring that your child eats his meals at regular times, you can also provide him with lots of treats and snacks, but it is important to include fruits and vegetables to keep those snacks healthy. For example, fruits that are rich in vitamin C, which helps improve mental agility. Avoid letting your child drink any sort of concentrated caffeine drinks. Cultivating good eating, drinking, and sleeping habits will do well in helping your child to use their revision time more effectively.

#5 Be a strong support network for your child

When children are going through their revision period, the attitude of the family and the parents in particular, are exceptionally crucial. It is important for you to remain calm and encouraging to avoid transferring the anxiety on to your child. A good way to get involved as a family is to provide an incentive through a quiz at the end of the day where everyone can ask questions about your child’s learning. The supportive network can also be a safe platform for your child to voice their concerns and for parents to actively find ways to lessen their child’s worry.

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