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As new parents, you would probably wonder which is the best learning method to introduce to your infants and toddlers while going through the never-ending list of enrichment centres and supplementary lessons to ensure your child gets a good head start. Experts believe that by the age of 6, more than 80% of the brain has usually developed. That is why it is important to take advantage of the critical window, between ages 0 to 3, to stimulate and develop your child’s brain abilities. 

Can you imagine your child having a photographic memory, reading extremely fast and being able to grasp concepts quickly using the inter-relation of topics at their fingertips in school?

These would be achievable by tapping on the often-overlooked potential of the right brain hemisphere.

Right brain training methods have been around for a while, but what exactly is the difference between the right brain and left brain? What are five evident results of right brain training? 

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Helps your child to think faster
Did you know that children below 3 years old naturally use their right brain more? Compared to the left brain, the right brain processes and understands information at a much higher speed. There are different kinds of information that are processed by each brain, and by training the right brain you will be able to help your child enhance the usage of it to understand left brain information faster, largely increasing the speed of their thought processes later when they are exposed to traditional learning methods.

Uses visual cues to help your child’s understanding
The left brain oversees linguistic functions, which handles the processing of letters, words and numerals. However, the right brain is also known as the image brain, and makes sense of visual imagery, which is what your child sees. Training the child to correlate visuals with words quicker through right brain training thus strengthens the child’s ability to process information and comprehend concepts faster both academically and non-academically. By using the right brain to make sense of things visually first, it enables your child to learn complex math and science concepts faster!

Click to watch 3-year-old Chloe recognising Mandarin words quickly!

Increases your child’s memory strength
Another important reason for training the right brain would be the possible detrimental effects of leaving it out. If the right brain hemisphere is left untapped, the right brain will slowly deteriorate over time and the ability to use it will gradually diminish. By tapping on the right brain’s unlimited capacity, the left brain will also benefit from the increased memory power, thus boosting your child’s ability to learn and apply concepts learned using both the left and right brain.

Helps your child to increase in emotional intelligence (EQ)
The right brain is closely related to the emotional abilities of a child. We all know that in today’s society, a high IQ alone is no longer sufficient for helping children to excel, a strong EQ is also vital for them to succeed in the long-run. Right brain training in their developmental years will help to boost children’s EQ and allow them to develop self-confidence. At the same time, while developing a child’s creativity, this form of training also develops their interest in learning and a genuine interest in gaining new skills not just academically but also in other areas like athletic activities and the arts. The increase in EQ will also help them to express themselves better.

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Increases your child’s appetite to learn
In general, most lessons in school and supplementary classes out of school adopt conventional methods where children are tasked to use their left brain to process information. However, right brain training proves to be far more efficient in the long run, due to its unlimited capacity and ability to process larger amounts of information. Training the right brain at a young age will prime your child with a large foundation to eventually process more left brain information.

Increasing the right brain’s ability gives your child strong visualisation capabilities, increased concentration and a heightened awareness of their surroundings, which will all contribute largely in improving your kids’ language skills, cognitive thinking skills and their ability to express themselves more creatively. Using the right approach, professional right brain training methodology will prove to be effective in increasing brain capacity while it develops at its fastest during the early years.

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Photo credit: Heguru City Square Mall

Heguru offers a holistic right brain training programme that helps to unlock each child’s full potential. Their infant & toddler classes especially focus on enlarging the brain’s capacity. Parents too can participate in their learning process and their programme focuses on using different stimuli for training while maintaining a happy atmosphere. Find out more about their programs here.

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