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In our society, it’s common for parents to try and supplement our children with all the help that they need to grow into strong, smart and socially aware individuals. It is a natural process that may take a different amount of time for everyone, and it’s important not to force ideas onto them but let them discover it themselves. Here are some things you can do to help boost their IQ.

Delegating responsibilities to them

Kids tend to want to “do what grown-ups do” from a young age, but parents usually deny them of any important tasks in case children make mistakes. However, giving them something to be in charge of builds their sense of responsibility. Start by handing them age-appropriate tasks around the house, this makes them feel grown up and it helps their cognitive skills.

Being supportive

In light of giving them responsibilities, it’s also important to focus on positive reinforcements more. When they take up a responsibility or try something new and make a mistake, remind them to think of one good outcome or one part of the task that was accomplished. Instead of chiding them or being sarcastic about what you warned them about, support them so that they will not blame themselves or think that they have insufficient skills. This will also encourage them to work harder and hence, learn faster.

Encouraging them to take up a sport

Sports are a great way for children to challenge not just their physical abilities, but also grow their cognitive abilities. In team sports, they will also learn how to work in teams and develop their EQ. All forms of sports will progressively increase their critical thinking skills.

Giving them room to make their own decisions

Every parent will want to protect their child from harm but it’s always a learning process for children. They will tend to be defiant and resentful if you keep disallowing them from trying out things. Instead, let them make the decision and learn from their own mistakes. Show them what you are preventing them from through trial and error.

Handing them toys that require longer thought processes

There are many logic-boosting and creative thinking toys and games that are great for poking a child’s brain further. Buying them these toys from time to time will encourage their habit of pushing their cognitive skills more.

Have you boosted your child’s brain today? If not, give these tips a try and see how many skills they can develop over time!

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