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Here are five ways to help your kids build resilience to bravely face their littlest challenges in life.As much as we would love  to defend our children from all the adversities in life, it is better for us to teach them how to deal with it instead.

From their first fall to first failure in life, children need that boost of confidence no matter what happens; they are special in their own way. Bring out the courageous side in the kiddos with these easy steps.

  1. Acquire Basic Skills
    Teach kids how to navigate basic skills, such as learning to swim, riding a bike and answering the phone. Helping them develop the skills to handle day-to-day life will prepare them for bigger challenges ahead. 
  2. Try Something New
    Once they master basic skills, encourage them to try something new. For example, if they played soccer one season, try a different sport that incorporates a different skill set such as gymnastics or roller skating. Picking up new skills can help to give your child the boost they need.
  3. Discourage Complaining
    Children cannot always be in control of the situation. Toughness comes when a child learns to adapt to his circumstances and
    focus on a solution instead of the problem. Oh yes, no matter how hard the situation is, never give in easily. Let your child discover their true strength when it comes to staying strong.
  4. Find Your Voice
    Put your child in situations where he has to use his voice, especially in front of adults. In doing so, you’re helping him to be assertive, and this in turn trains them to speak up when dealing with a bigger kid at school or on the bus.
  5. Revisit Tough Experiences
    Now and again, it is important to teach your kids that facing their fears is important – it could be the time when they had a major meltdown at the dentist or at the first day of school. Encourage them that the sticky situation that left them in tears will prepare them for future experiences.

Building resilience in children from a young age is important because they grow up having these values which will come in handy for them as they go through life’s challenges.