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6 Animation Movies With Powerful Messages You Should Watch With Your Kids

We all love a good, warm movie that reminds us of everything nice and good in this world. And animation movies these past years have been really great at doing so, while also teaching you a host of life lessons. Here are 6 movies with great lessons you definitely have to watch with your kids. 

1. Family is about accepting and loving each other for their differences. 

Stuart is, well, a mouse – you can’t get a family member any more different than that. But the important lesson here is that no matter what happens, or where you come from, being family means about loving and accepting each other, and helping each other out through difficulties. 

Watch: Stuart Little

2. “Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind.”

This, we think, might actually be the best line we’ve ever come across in an animated movie! 

Watch: Lilo and Stitch

3. Appreciate your toys and put them away properly after you play with them

Or else mum will accidentally place them in the box for disposal! We just think this is a great movie to watch with your kids to tell them to treat their toys well. Also a great movie about friendship.

Watch: Toy Story

4. Love is about keeping promises

If you’re telling us you didn’t shed a tear when you found out about Carl’s promise to Ellie and his devotion to her, you must be lying! Carl and Ellie’s story is a great learning point for kids, though this might actually be something that they’d need to revisit when they’re older to fully understand the important lessons on love. 

Watch: Up

5. Don’t judge others based on appearances 

Shrek is an ogre, and while he’s not the typical tall, dark and handsome hero of Hollywood films, he proves to be kind and courageous! This is a great lesson to teach your kids on looking past appearances and appreciating others for their strengths. 

Watch: Shrek

6. “Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life’s problems.” — Sadness

Inside Out is a wonderful film you could watch with your kids to teach them about emotions. The ability to identify emotions can be a very powerful tool in building resilience and helping make responsible decisions, so conversations about emotions at a young age can be very helpful to put your child on this path of introspection. 

Watch: Inside Out

What are some movies you’d recommend to other parents? Share them with us in the comments below!