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The winter holiday season is drawing to a close and before you know it, it’s almost time to welcome the arrival of a new school term for your child. Just like how going back to work after a joyful vacation can be dreadful even for adults, all the more will it be challenging for your little ones to entertain the idea of having to go back to school. To help make the transition back to school a more smooth-sailing one for your child, here are some things you can do to help as parents. 

Settling back to routine 

After a month or so of sleeping and waking up late, getting your child to go back to an optimum bedtime and rise time for school is not going to be an easy feat. A good way to get started is to form the routine a few weeks before your child’s first day back to school. Establish an earlier bedtime and get your child to wake up earlier to help them settle into the rhythm of having to sleep and wake up early during the school term. This will certainly save you from much of the struggle of having to wake your child up forcefully every morning before school later on.

Homework? Checked. 

Ensure your child has completed all the homework they’ve been assigned over the holidays. The process of doing the homework will also be a handy form of revision for your child, helping them slowly ease back into the rigours of an academic term. Completing assignments is also a basic student responsibility, and making sure that your child fulfills that—even during a holiday downtime—can help instil a sense of discipline and ownership (and will certainly help you child stay out of trouble on the first day of school).

Revison, revision, revision

On the topic of assignments, it is also advisable to slot in some revision time during what remains of the holiday period. Sit your child down and go through some of the things they’ve learned in the previous semester. Refreshing your child’s knowledge constantly over the holidays can help make it easier to pick up from where they left off once the school term begins. While your child deserves a break from tuition and academics over the holiday period, it is also good if you could fit in a bit of supplementary tuition classes every now and then, so that your child does not completely lose touch with their syllabuses and the notion of studying.

School uniforms and supplies

A new school term does not only mean stocking up on school supplies. Also ensure that your child has not grown out of their existing school uniform and shoes. If they appear to be too worn out, perhaps it’s time to invest in a new set as well. Additionally, cross-check your child’s booklist and ensure you’ve gotten all the books and resources ready—and labelled—for the new classes next semester.

Meal prep beforehand

Mornings of the first day of school can be pretty hectic, especially so if you’re also preparing yourself for work alongside getting your child ready for school. To avoid an overly-flustered morning, prepare your child’s lunch boxes the day or night before. Having less things to get ready in the morning can also allow you an extra minute or two of shut-eye.

Support is the way to go

Just like how you have to motivate yourself to go back to work, so does your child. Get your child excited about the notion of going back to school by talking about reuniting with friends or favourite teachers. Be careful not to stress your child too hard over academics, or it might just make them dread going back to school even more.

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