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Do you cringe when you see red patches on your baby’s bottom? Diaper rash is one of the unpleasant skin problems a baby can have and it can be difficult for mums to fully protect their babies from it. Diaper rash is caused by different factors, such as allergic reaction to the diaper, sensitive skin, bacterial or yeast infection, chafing of baby’s skin against the diaper, or leaving a diaper on for too long.

Here are some of the best ways to prevent or reduce the chances of it happening to your little one.

#1 Make sure to change diapers regularly

Some mums may be too busy attending to other household needs that changing their baby’s diaper is often forgotten. Do not leave a diaper on your baby longer than it should be. Some babies need to have their nappies changed more often than others. It is advisable to check your baby’s nappy at least every two hours. Signs when it’s time to change a diaper is if it’s wet or have been soiled already. This also prevents your baby’s skin from getting infected or irritated.

#2 Keep your baby’s skin clean

Aside from regularly changing diapers, keeping your baby’s bottom clean is a must. When changing nappies, use only wet wipes with gentle formulation that’s best for baby’s sensitive skin. Other parents swear by a soft washcloth and just water. Soak the washcloth in warm water and gently wipe your baby’s bum. Put on a new diaper only when your baby’s skin is completely dry.

#3 Don’t be afraid to change the type of diaper

If you find that your baby’s bottom often gets skin rash with a certain type of diaper, consider changing the type of diaper you use. Perhaps a cloth diaper is better for your child’s sensitive skin or a different brand offers better promise. If you’re already using a cloth diaper, consider changing the type of detergent you use when washing it and choose one that’s mild and gentle on baby’s skin.

#4 Avoid tight diapers 

When putting diapers on, ensure it’s not fastened too tightly to avoid the diaper rubbing on your baby’s skin. The key is to find the right size of diaper for your baby so you won’t have to force it if the size is wrong. Clothing matters too—avoid ill-fitting clothes and go for loose ones instead. 

#5 The gentler, the better 

When it comes to baby’s skin, the gentler the product you use, the better. Avoid using powder on your baby’s bum as it can irritate the skin more and may lead to the baby inhaling it, which can be dangerous for him. If you’re considering using a diaper or moisturising cream, make sure the formulation is in its gentlest form and it’s recommended for baby’s use. When using products to wash baby’s cloth, use fragrance-free softeners.

#6 Allot a diaper-free time 

Give your child’s skin time to breathe by allocating a diaper-free time. This way, his skin gets to dry naturally. During this time, lay your baby on a towel instead just in case he pees or poops.

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