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6 Breast Cancer Myths Debunked

Breast cancer is the most common and most lethal cancer among Singaporean women. With October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is an opportunity for both women and men to have a deeper understanding of breast cancer and know what info out there is true or not.

Here are some of the myths you need to be wary of. 

#1 You are not at risk just because it doesn’t run in the family 

You’ve probably heard that your chances of getting breast cancer is higher if someone in your family has it. But just because no one in your family has it does not mean you’re 100% safe. Breast cancer can be caused by other factors too aside from genetics. These include abnormal growth of breast cells and lifestyle and environmental factors. 

#2 You have a lump so you might have breast cancer

Not all lumps in your breast indicate breast cancer. Women have different breast texture; some are lumpier than others. Nevertheless, have yourself checked up to bust your worry away, most especially if it feels like there’s an abnormal mass forming in your breast. The best way to be sure is to get your yearly mammogram. 

#3 Someone accidentally hit your breast, making you more at risk now

There is no hard proof that when you bump onto something or receive a heavy blow to your chest area, you’re more prone to have breast cancer. It’s the same with any form of trauma. However, it is still advisable to protect your breasts as breast injuries can be painful. 

#4 Only women can have breast cancer

Males can develop breast cancer too because all humans have breast cells. However, only one percent of men get it, making it a rare condition among the opposite sex.  

#5 Your underwire bras can cause breast cancer

There’s no conclusive evidence proving that underwire bras can cause breast cancer so no need to throw yours away! If you aren’t comfortable using them, consider switching to more a comfortable type of bra instead.

#6 Deodorant increases your risk of breast cancer

Wearing deodorant does not necessarily cause breast cancer. But it is advised that every time you have a mammogram, avoid using deodorant to avoid bringing in aluminium particles, which can cause inaccurate results.

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