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A growing family means growing expenses too. With baby needs now adding to the equation—from clothes to diapers and milk among others—you’re probably thinking of ways to minimise costs so you can still save up for your family’s future.

Watching out for store sales and promotions isn’t the only trick. Could there be a way to beef up your savings without compromising your child’s needs? There are actually several ways! Try to live by the following: 

#1 Don’t go overboard with your stock of starter diapers

Babies grow fast so if you think you’re saving more by buying a bulk of starter diapers, you could be wrong. Before you know it, your baby might be of a different size even before you run out of stocks. 

#2 Look for convertible baby equipment

Instead of choosing a crib, can you find one that you can eventually turn into a small bed when your baby becomes a toddler? Some stores offer products that can be converted into something new so don’t forget to ask the salespersons.

#3 Ask friends and family members for hand-me-downs

One of the best sources of baby items would be the people closest to you, especially those who’ve had babies too. Perhaps they have some items just stored away and can still be used. They may want to give them to you for free or you can offer to pay for a slightly cheaper price.

#4 Opt to breastfeed 

Mums who choose to breastfeed babies not only save money spent on formula milk but also provide more nutrition to babies. Although it could take more effort to do this, imagine how much you’ll save, as well as the long-term health benefits, if your little one feeds on your breast milk.  

#5 Use washable nursing pads 

Disposable nursing pads aren’t only bad for the environment, they’re also impractical. Washable nursing pads can be used over and over again and you don’t even have to worry about disposing it.

#6 Try to do it yourself

There are some items your own hands can make, especially when it comes to garments for babies. All you have to do is to look for DIY videos or instructionals from Pinterest. It also makes it more special and customisable!

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