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Aside from it being the perfect time to check on your little one as she takes a breather from classes, school holidays are also a great way for the family to bond, catch up, and explore new things.

So don your favourite apron, tie your shoelace, or just simply relax as you munch on some popcorn. Here are some activities you can do to make the most out of your free time together:

#1 Create a Netflix playlist and watch movies together

If you’re not in the mood to spend extra bucks outside, watching movies at home is a cosier option. Check out the latest Netflix movies that your kids will love (and learn from!) and line them up for the entire holiday. You can make it more fun by preparing their favourite movie snacks—from microwavable popcorn to healthy homemade chips.

#2 Have your own Art Appreciation Day

Singapore is teeming with free museums you can take advantage of. Invite your kids to a day filled with art and revel in the beauty of these masterpieces. Attend Family Fun at the National Museum of Singapore featuring different exhibits and learning sessions or visit Tampines to witness Arts in Your Neighbourhood curated by artists and art groups.

#3 Learn more about gardening

Learning more about plants and flowers is not a usual bonding activity but it’s also a lot of fun. Seeing your actual fruits (or flowers) of labour with your child is a truly rewarding feeling! Start by getting more inspired when you visit parks like Singapore Botanic Garden or level it up by attending Ground-Up Initiative’s first Farmers’ Market where you’ll learn more about plants and gardening techniques.

#4 Teach them how to cook and turn it into a competition

With a fun spirit and a few ingredients, you can turn this holiday into something that’s worth remembering by hosting a cook-off at home. Teach your children easy-to-make dishes—ideally those that do not require the use of gas stove—and let them whip their magic in the kitchen. You can even turn it into a competition to see if they’re up for some holiday challenge!

#5 Host a board game party

Invite your kid’s friends and classmates to a party filled with educational board games. This way, learning doesn’t stop even if they’re on a break. Bonus part is they get to play and have more fun while doing it!

#6 Make DIY arts and crafts

Unleash your child’s creative side while on a break by making some DIY arts and crafts. They won’t just enjoy seeing their outputs in the end, but will love the whole process of creating it, too. You may even end up having your vases painted with new colours or with a new idea for a creative business!

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