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6 Kitchen Tools To Make Cooking More Convenient

No matter the level of your cooking skills, it’s best to start work in the kitchen with the right tools and equipment. You’ll need them to be reliable and time-saving so you can focus on creating the flavourful dishes your family will love.

However, it can be overwhelming to sift through so many products and brands in online or physical shops. Allow us to give you a head start with some recommendations on the items to add to your kitchenware.

#1 FULLÄNDAD 5-piece kitchen utensil set from IKEA

This complete, non-stick utensil set will help you face the toughest cooking challenge without breaking a sweat. Featuring a turner, spoon, soup ladle, pasta server, and cooking tweezers—you’ve got everything you need to scoop up whatever it is that you’re cooking! Get it here for S$5.90.

Photo credit: IKEA

#2 Snack Collection from Tefal

This handy equipment is set to up your game in the snack arena. Tefal Snack Collection allows you to make 12 kinds of grill plates such waffle, panini, and pancakes through interchangeable plates. With this much ease, you can even have your child help out and create a new bonding experience! Get it here for S$129.

Photo credit: Tefal

#3 Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons from Crate&Barrel

Cooking is both an art and science, so we know that measuring ingredients is crucial to get the recipe and taste right. These measuring spoons from Crate&Barrel are not just sleek but also designed with stable bases to avoid spilling and labeled handles to keep your measured contents accurate. Get it here for S$29.95.

Photo credit: Crate&Barrel

#4 All-In-One Cooker from Philips

Philips’ All-In-One Cooker will surprise everyone in the family with a host of meals it can cook—from main courses to desserts! Its dual control system allows you to control the temperature accurately so you won’t have to worry about overcooked ingredients. What’s more amazing is its MyFavourite feature, which allows you to save up to three of your favourite dishes so you can cook them using only the shortcut button. Get it here for S$369.

Photo credit: Philips

#5 Can Opener from Tupperware

From the brand that brought us all kinds of storage solutions comes this nifty product. Skip a kitchen hassle with this Tupperware can opener that’s ergonomic and designed for easy use. Regardless of the size of the can, you can open it with minimal force required. Get it here for S$49.80.

Photo credit: Tupperware

#6 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl from Pantry Pursuits

Mixing bowls are definitely a must-have for every cooking mum (or dad) out there. Get yours from Pantry Pursuits, which offers stainless mixing bowls in various sizes. They’re perfect for mixing batter, fillings, or even melted chocolates with the bowls’ sturdy bottom. Get it here for S$11.50.

Photo credit: Pantry Pursuits