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Have a new baby in hand? Congratulations! Whether this is your first or third pregnancy, the newborn period can make all parents nervous. We’ve round up some of the most common mistakes and why you should avoid these! Let’s get started.

Not choosing to get help.
Yes, you are a superparent but even superheroes need some help from time-to-time. Cut yourself some slack and accept all the help you can get – trust us; you’ll need it. While you may want to do everything on your own, don’t forget that your body needs rest to recuperate and recover after birth. Plus, there is also so much your husband can do, so seek help from your parents, in-laws, and if need be, hire a nanny!

Nibbling on your child’s nails instead of trimming them.

Some mums do this because an infant’s nails are so tiny and difficult to cut. Bad idea. According to experts, nibbling can cause a hangnail or an ingrown nail, and you’re also likely to introduce bacteria into an opening in the skin, which can lead to infection. Stick to a baby file or trimmer to avoid any painful accidents from happening.

Wiping her gums with alcohol to relieve teething pain.
Never rub alcohol onto an infant’s gums. Nor should you use an amber teething necklace (a homeopathic remedy). These methods are ineffective. Plus, alcohol is potentially dangerous for your baby, and necklaces pose a choking hazard. Soothe your child’s discomfort with a rubber teething ring. If the pain seems severe, ask your doctor if it’s okay to use infants’ acetaminophen or (if your baby is at least 6 months) ibuprofen.

Leaving baby alone on changing pad.
If you’re using an elevated surface, always keep one hand on the baby. Some change tables include safety straps. Even if your change table is equipped with a strap, never turn your back on the baby, even if it’s for a split second. Babies can wriggle around and roll off a table or bed in a matter of seconds!

Not working out a schedule that works best for you and baby.
Following a regular schedule makes things easier for the entire family. A baby’s internal clock isn’t regulated yet, and it can be easy for them to get their days and nights mixed up. Following a routine can help prevent this. It also helps maintain calm in the household and makes it easier to plan outings around feeding and nap times. Do this regularly and he will soon fall into a pattern.

Feeding him cow’s milk if you run out of formula.
Never do this. Giving cow’s milk to a child younger than 12 months can result in intestinal bleeding. Stick with breast milk or formula until your paediatrician clears you to introduce milk.

What are some ways you manage as a new parents? Share them with other parents in our comments section below!