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Mums, we do it all. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mother or working mum, it’s safe to say our plates can get pretty full—and it’s a 24/7 gig!

For mummies who’d like to carve out some extra time, be it to hang with the kids or for some good ol’ me-time, these productivity tips will help you not only work better and get more things done, but also play hard.

Learn to say “no”

This tip deserves the top spot because it is a valuable but difficult lesson to learn. Saying no applies to everything—from social obligations and invitations, to extra soul-sucking projects and assignments, and even the precious kiddos if needed. Just because you’re a mother doesn’t mean you don’t deserve or need some time and space to yourself. You’ll be surprised at how much time you’ll free up!

Give your 100% focus

Multi-tasking is something we’re all painfully familiar with, but learn to be 100 per cent present and focused in whatever task you’re doing, be it at work or spending time with the kiddos.

Do the hardest thing first

We all have tasks that we dread and put off for later. If this is a regular occurrence, shake things up by knocking it off your to-do list first. Making the hardest task your first priority can and will fuel even more productivity, simply because you no longer have to face it anymore.

Use countdown timers

Much like how we sometimes encourage our kiddos to do things by turning it into a game, doing the same for yourself can help speed the process along. Be it finding out how fast it’ll take you to reply your long list of outstanding emails or keeping track with cleaning the house, start using countdown timers to boost your everyday productivity!

Prep meals

Feeding the family with delicious home-cooked meals takes up a lot of time. But here’s a hack: prepping and pre-cooking meals for the entire week will help save at least half of that time. All you’ve gotta do is figure out a weekly meal plan, grab the ingredients, and prepare as much of it as possible: cooking and freezing broth/grains, slicing and portioning veggies, cooking meats, etc. When it comes time to eating during the work week, simply dish out, heat up, and you’re ready to go.

And finally… Let it go

We’re not just quoting the biggest Disney movie of all time. Learning to let go—to focus on the big picture instead of the little details and unnoticeable imperfections—will not just save you plenty of time, but also lessen the stress that comes with wanting things to be perfectly so.

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