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6 Simple Bento Boxes for Recess

We love preparing bento boxes from time to time because the results are always really interesting and it gets the kids interested to help make their own recess food. The Internet is also a treasure trove of inspiration so here are six bento box recipes we’ve found that you could try out!

Surprise your kids with this bento box! It’s pretty simple to make and shouldn’t take up too much time, especially since you’ll be using moulds but if you’re strapped for time, spend more time cutting out shapes for the sandwich, and then add plenty of colourful fruits to make the box more enticing. 

 Do you want to build a snowman? If your children are fans of the popular Disney movie, Frozen, they’re going to love bringing this lunchbox to school to show off to their friends. This recipe is quite simple, and you have the choice of replacing some ingredients like sausages with healthier choices like chicken meat. 

If you have older kids, you can make both their recess food and your lunch food together. Pasta is always a really great idea as recess and lunch food; all you have to do is make sure that your bento box is divided into sections such that a portion if given to your pasta, and the rest of the space is given to other vegetables or fruits. 

Nothing screams kawaii quite like a Rilakkuma bento box! Look at how adorable it looks! It’s difficult to go wrong with bear-shaped rice designs as they’re very simple to make (roll head and ears into little balls, add on egg or cheese for nose and ears and add seaweed for details). Make sure to fill the other parts of the box with othe

We are utterly charmed by this design! Have you ever seen food that exude a cuter charm? Seaweed is a great way to add details to your design as they are thin and easy to cut. You could get your child involved in the making of his bento set by experimenting with play-doh first before working on real food. 

We can’t have a bento post without mentioning our favourite Little Miss Bento! You do need a little more time if you want to attempt her designs – check out the process she goes through in the video above.

This article is an extension of an article found in Singapore’s Child magazine Issue 177, titled “Is Your Child Eating Healthily In School?” 

What do you think of the recipes? Would you take the time to try them one day? Share with us some suggestions of your own!