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Ever find it hard to redecorate at home because of the kids getting in the way? We’ve listed a few ways you can change up your interior easily without the risk of the new decor getting damaged by the kids. Check out these simple and affordable ways to add fresh elements that both you and the kids can enjoy!

Hanging Decorations
Adding cute kids’ origami or non-fragile ornaments to the ceiling is a great way to decorate without compromising on space. Plus points for this idea since it will be out of the kids’ reach!

Hand-drawn Walls
Always facing the hassle of having to clean off your kid’s scribbles on the wall? Well, now you can put their expressive creativity to good use by having a drawing area on the wall, letting them paint designs they want in their room in the specified wall area or one corner of the room. Alternatively you can paint a mini mural yourself or get a designer to do it if you prefer a more organised design.

Photo credit: www.project-nursery.com

Photo credit: www.project-nursery.com

Oversized Wall Decals
If you shop on Etsy, you’ll easily find decals that add really interesting details to the wall. You can even incorporate them with existing furniture or shelves that are in your rooms. These are a great way to spruce up your design without taking up more space. Plus, they are so easy to do, even the kids can help you to put them up!

Carpets/Non-slip Mats
If you want to spruce up the floor in the kids’ room or play area, simply add a carpet! Carpets come in all sorts of designs and colourful ones can even aid in growing babies’ learning process. You can also use them as a border for the kids’ play area and teach them to keep their play area clean without any leaving toys outside the area of the carpet. Non-slip mats are a great idea if you have slippery flooring like marble tiling at home.

Beanbags and Cushions
If you find that your house is lacking in comfy corners to chill out in, simply add beanbags or cushions to areas with free space. These also make a safe toy for kids – they can hide behind a giant beanbag, bounce cushions around if they get bored during TV time or cuddle together with the family while reading a good story book.

Photo credit: www.bhg.com

Photo credit: www.bhg.com

Magnetic Walls/Cork Boards
Magnetic walls are great for displaying your child’s works – both creative and academic. By having a larger wall, you can even insert a family timetable to keep track of everyone’s schedule. The best part about a magnetic wall or cork board is that you can add or remove items on the wall quickly with ease –  which is great for kids who tend to be fickle about their favourite piece of art!

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