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These days, it is common to find a subscription box for just about everything—from fashion to beauty and even personally-curated boxes that are tailored for male or female consumers. But just like adults, children especially love surprises and what better way to delight them than with a subscription box?

What is a subscription box?

Basically, a subscription box is a recurring, physical delivery of a curated group of products that are packaged as an experience. The box usually follows a certain theme determined by the brand and often contains value-added surprises that outweigh the cost of the box.

Here are six great subscription boxes we think your child might enjoy:

#1 OwlCrate Jr.


Photo credit: OwlCrate Jr

Age group: 8 to 12 years old

What’s inside OwlCrate Jr: From the creators of the wildly successful Young Adult book crate, OwlCrate, comes OwlCrate Jr, which is a book subscription box full of fun and surprises. Each month, young readers will receive a magical delivery that features a brand-new middle grade novel with a signed book plate, exclusive goodies from the author as well as three to five exclusive, unique, and usable items that have been specially selected to suit the month’s theme to encourage curiosity, creativity, and imagination! 

How to avail: OwlCrate Jr is available monthly at US$27.99 (approx. S$38, excluding shipping fees).

#2 Little Passports


Photo credit: Little Passports

Age group: 3 to 12 years old

What’s inside Little Passports: There are four boxes available, namely Early Explorers, World Edition, USA Edition, and Science Expeditions, which are developed for different age groups under Little Passports. For the first month, all subscribers will get a starter kit before receiving monthly boxes that explores different themes with exclusive fun toys, souvenirs, activity booklets, stickers, trading cards, letters and photos, as well as access to certain online content.

How to avail: Little Passports is available monthly from US$12.95, (approx. S$18, excluding shipping fees).

#3 KiwiCo


Photo credit: KiwiCo

Age group: 5 to 8 years old

What’s inside the KiwiBox: The Kiwi Crate is specifically catered for children to enjoy hands-on educational experiences with a maker project that lets them explore art, science, and engineering. It encourages creative learning as well with the high quality materials and kid-friendly instructions and ideas for tinkering, in addition to the explore! magazine that extends the fun with comics, experiments, and games.

How to avail: Kiwi Crate from KiwiCo is available monthly at S$27, excluding shipping fees.

#4 Little Feminist


Photo credit: Little Feminist

Age group: 0 to 9 years old

What’s inside the Little Feminist box: Based on statistics, only 31% of children’s books feature a female character and only 13% feature a story with a person of colour. As such, the Little Feminist is a great box to subscribe to and diversify your child’s bookshelf. All boxes will come with either two paperbacks or one hardcover, as well as a bookmark with discussion questions. Each book aims to teach your child about equality, empathy, and why it is important for genders to have equal representation.

How to avail: Little Feminist is available monthly at US$23, (approx. S$31, excluding shipping fees).

#5 My Messy Box


Photo credit: My Messy Box

Age group: 1 to 5 years old

What’s inside My Messy Box: Designed to be fun, simple, and educational, My Messy Box delivers a designated box for different age groups that ensures your child never gets a repeated box. With the available activities in each box, your child will experience the wonders of messy-sensory play, which will help improve your child’s cognitive development.

How to avail: My Messy Box is available monthly at S$39.90, excluding shipping fees.

#6 Bitsbox


Photo credit: Bitsbox

Age group: 6 to 12 years old

What’s inside a Bitsbox: Probably one of the coolest subscription box for children, Bitsbox delivers insanely fun app-building projects monthly that teaches them how to code. These projects can be built on any device with a web browser, which they can then use and share with friends or family members.

How to avail: Bitsbox is available monthly at US$24.95, (approx. S$34, excluding shipping fees).

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