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Let’s get real here. Your relationship will be different after you have a baby, and your husband will miss you for sure. Here are some dads dishing on what they wish their partners knew. So, listen up, mamas!

  1. “Everything doesn’t have to be perfect because I’m not perfect either. Having kids is hectic, but sometimes, being wrong is the
    right thing to do. It helps us learn to get it right together.” – Gerald, father of 2
  2. “The kids may need you, but I need you too. After a long and tiring day, men long to go home to a welcoming household instead of a litany of rants. We long to spend some intimate moments with the wife after the kids and household chores have been attended to. Our needs for both physical and emotional connection is strong and needs to be addressed.” – Fazrine, father of 3
  3. “Not all dads know exactly what we ought to be doing with our children even though we have every intention to give our best. So, try to be encouraging!” – Richard, father of 3
  4. “Mothers should know that fathers can be as capable a parent too. The trick is to be able to stand back and let the father handle the situation without interfering.” – Danny, father of 1
  5. “Straight to the point, please! Women discuss their lives like it is a salad; everything is tossed together in a bowl. Men can get frustrated when listening to this hodgepodge, since men’s thoughts, unlike the woman’s salad, are like a compartmentalised Japanese bento box.” – Adam, father of 3
  6. “Although I miss you and your undivided attention so much, I’m amazed at how amazing you are as a mum! How you manage to juggle 2 babies and everything else will always remain a mystery to me!” – Sam, father of 2