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Enrichment classes are meant to help realise your child’s potential. It’s a place that extends learning opportunities for them, nurtures their skills, and allows them to meet equally talented children. 

So while enrichment centres in Singapore promise the best learning experience for your child, here are other things that you need to consider before enrolling your child in one. 

#1 Consider your child’s desires and interest

While you know what’s best for your child, they must also have a say in the process. Do not just enroll them in a class without understanding your child’s needs and wants. What are their interests? In which areas do they need more help? What activities or classes will really contribute to their growth? Consider their learning habits as well and try to tailor fit that with the offerings of the enrichment programme. The class must make your child enthusiastic because you do not want your kid to end up in a class they don’t enjoy.

#2 Ask for a trial class

Some enrichment centres offer trial classes to allow parents to see if the format, environment, and setting fit their child and to gauge the child’s interest. These trial classes will also give you the security of knowing that you’re not throwing in extra money to an enrichment centre that’s not right for your child.

#3 Assess the size of the classes

Enrichment centres have different class sizes ranging from individual sessions to small classes. It might be best to know your child’s capacity to learn with other kids before enrolling them in a class of 15, for example. Other kids learn better through a more personalised approach. Depending on the urgency to learn a skill, you could consider having a specialised class rather than with a bigger group.

#4 Compare tuition fees

The cost of enrolling your child to an enrichment centre is a big consideration—and can sometimes be the deal breaker. With so many learning centres to choose from, you can also decide based on your budget without compromising the quality of learning experience it can offer to your child.

#5 It should offer a learning experience beyond the traditional classroom

The reason you’re enrolling your child to an enrichment centre is to expand their learning, not repeat it. Ensure that what you’re getting is beyond what the traditional classroom can offer. For example, the learning sessions should allow for more collaboration and creativity and the modules help level up or advance your child’s knowledge of a subject matter.

#6 Tick off the basics

Details like the location, cleanliness, and security of the centre, available care services, schedule of classes, and quality of teachers could be taken for granted when choosing an enrichment centre. These details should be part of the basic requirements you should be ticking off. Is the location of the centre convenient enough for you and your child? Does it have a stringent security process? How clean is the environment? The available care services should also matter and will depend on your child’s age. Also, consider the time of the classes: can your child make it and can you or your spouse bring and pick them up conveniently? Most importantly, you must ask about the quality of teachers and the process for how the centres choose them.

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