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There’s no denying the fun that water gives to kids. Whether it is in a pool, a bathtub, or a water fountain, kids just love playing with and splashing water. For mums out there who are worried about their incontinent little ones, swim diapers may just be your best buddy.

With swim diapers, or swim nappies, you can have as much fun while on a vacation in a beach or having a relaxing weekend by the pool without worrying about your diaper-wearing babies. But before you swear by using swim diapers, here are some things you need to know about them.

#1 Swim diapers play a different role from regular diapers

While regular diapers are meant to absorb your baby’s pee, swim diapers are especially designed to absorb solid poop. By using swim diapers, you’re letting everything other than solid poop pass through, which means it won’t hold your child’s urine. Thus, you may want to still bring some regular nappies with you if you’re confident baby’s not going to defecate anytime soon.

#2 Swim diapers are not perfect

Sure, they are a better option than normal diapers but swim diapers are not foolproof. It is still recommended to change nappies every 30 to 60 minutes to make sure your baby’s not contaminating the pool, which is advisable especially if you’re in a public place.

#3 There are two types of swim diapers: reusable and disposable

A disposable swim diaper is meant to be tossed out after being used. It usually comes with tabs on the side which you can secure around your child’s legs and can be opened up when you’re about to remove it. A reusable swim diaper, on the other hand, is meant to be washed and used again. It may either come with a pull-up or an open-up design.

#4 Swim diapers are best for babies who are not potty trained

If your little one has not been potty trained yet, then swim diapers are a must so you won’t have to always check on signs that they are pooping while on water. This way, you get to enjoy your own time at the beach or pool too.

#5 Using swim diapers are easier to use than you might think

Swim diapers are worn underneath a baby’s bathing or swim suit. Just make sure that you got the right size and fit for your child. Using a well-fitted swim diaper will make it easier for you to remove it when soiled.

#6 Some private pools and beaches require babies to wear swim diapers.

Aside from protecting you from doing the walk of shame when your baby defecates in a pool, swim diapers are actually required in some private pools and beaches. So, check the vicinity’s rules and regulations on children’s’ swimming clothes first before going.

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