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Travelling with children can be fun and rewarding if you’re properly prepared and do your research early. Here’s what you need to know when planning for that much-deserved family holiday.

  1. Travel Light, Travel Smart
    Keep your hand luggage to a minimum so that you’ll be relatively hands-free, making it much easier for you to tend to your little ones. Just keep the necessities with you and leave everything else in your check-in luggage.
  2. The Right Toys
    Your kids will want to be kept occupied during the journey, so do bring some toys for them to entertain themselves with, lest they get restless. However, refrain from bringing toys that make noises as these might disturb other passengers. Also, avoid bringing toys with small detachable pieces as they could be easily dropped and might be difficult to retrieve.
  3. Simple Snacks
    Children often need some snacks to munch on to keep their little tummies appeased. Avoid bringing snacks that are crumbly or sticky to prevent your kids’ hands from getting messy. Ensure that there’s minimal cleaning up required, as you wouldn’t want any seats or clothes to get stained by accident.
  4. Bag It
    Don’t throw away plastic bags from grocery shopping just yet. Take a bunch of extra plastic bags along when you travel just in case any of your children start feeling the symptoms of motion sickness and need to throw up. Plastic bags are also handy for keeping trash in when there are no dustbins around.
  5. Free and Easy
    While tours may seem like a better deal as the whole trip’s activities are already pre-planned, their schedules may not be suitable for your kids. Why not go free and easy instead, where you can factor in nap times for your little ones? This way, they won’t have to wake up so early each day and get cranky easily.
  6. Pack the Wet Wipes
    Wet wipes will come in very useful for cleaning up spills and stains, and are also great for your children to freshen up with. During
    long-haul flights when showers are out of the question, you can use wet wipes to wipe down your little ones so that they’ll feel slightly more rejuvenated and less fatigued.

Keep Your Health In Check
Don’t let illness catch you off guard and spoil your holiday.

  • Ask your doctor about the necessary vaccinations and get them about a month in advance, so the full effect of the vaccine can set in.
  • Find out where the established hospitals at your destination are.
  • Bring along a thermometer, hand sanitisers, surgical masks (in case of flu-like symptoms), insect repellent for countries affected by mosquito-borne diseases, and any prescribed medication for your medical conditions.
  • Check up on outbreaks of infectious diseases in the area you’re visiting at World Health Organisation, just to be safe!

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