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Ever feel like throwing a mummy tantrum? You’re not alone. Mummy meltdowns are natural, and they happen to all of us. So here are six foolproof ways of staying calm no matter what your child might throw at you.

#1 Count To 10

It’s a classic, but it still does the trick sometimes. Credit: channelguidemag

#2 Have An ‘Ally McBeal’ Moment

Remember that TV series? Ally used to have fantasies about breaking a chair over someone’s head, or throwing wine in someone’s face, and then snap back to reality with a slightly glazed look on her face. Sometimes, a little fantasy can be very satisfying. Credit: huffingtonpost

#3 Remember something sweet the little cherub did

Although kids know how to push our buttons, they also know how to tug at our heartstrings. Recalling a sweet Mother’s Day card, or a special hug, or “You’re the best mum” moment can help you simmer down even in the heat of a row.

#4 Picture your child sleeping

All children look angelic when they’re asleep. My son and I can have the worst bedtime, but as soon as he’s out, I take one look at his face and my heart melts. happy-child-finds-joy Credit: tophdimg.com

#5 Remember what it felt like to be a kid

You were small and everyone else was big. No one ever listened to you. Everyone else made the rules. You were too young to do anything fun. For all the great things about childhood, there are many that were not so great. Try to put yourself in your child’s shoes for a minute.

#6 Step back and look at the BIG picture

As caught up as we are in the thick and sticky day-to-day grind, it is without a doubt that this is so hard to do sometimes. But if you can get a little perspective, you’ll usually realise that the crisis du jour isn’t worth getting your panties in a twist over. All of us would like to have the patience of Mother Teresa, but on some days, it’s just not in the cards. So try out the tips above and if there’s a need, take a breather. After all, you’re only human. Do you have any tricks up your sleeves when it comes to keeping your chill especially towards your kids? Share with us in the comment section down below!