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No judgement here, but has your family fallen prey to the bad habit of spending hours faced towards a screen (computer, mobile phone, iPad or TV) without much interaction with one another? We all want our kids to spend less time looking at screens and more time embracing their surroundings, but we can’t expect them to ‘disconnect’ without giving them a more alluring alternative. Luckily for you, we have six ways here.

Go On An Adventure

Experiencing new activities will always help a family grow closer together, so plan for an adventure that will take your family out of your comfort zones. Love nature? Why not try going on a camping trip or going for a hike in the woods? Try as much to make your adventure as ‘old school’ as possible, meaning board games for entertainment and traditional compasses for your trekking needs. Get your kids to love being one with nature, and you’ll find that they’ll want to spend more time outdoors than in. 

Be A Tourist In Your Own Country

You may have been living in Singapore for (most of) your life, but we can guarantee that there are certain spots around town that you haven’t explored. Sit down with your kids and think through a perspective of a tourist: if it was your first time in Singapore, where would you want to go? Create a list and then go act like tourists with your family. Visit attractions you keep putting off because of the crowd, take a walk through history by visiting museums – whatever you choose to do, we promise it’ll be a super fun day out, and definitely don’t forget those selfie cameras to capture memories that’ll last a lifetime!

Make Something Delicious

Singaporeans are big foodies, there’s no secret about that. So why not get the kids involved with the preparation and cooking of a meal? You can even involve them with the grocery shopping to get them familiar with different ingredients. Be it sugary desserts or savoury meals, print out a recipe and get cooking! Not only will you get delicious meals out of the cooking session, teaching your kids how to cook will also be an essential skill for when they grow up.

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Work On Your Home

Need help around the house? Well, you’ve got helping hands in the form of your kids! Definitely assign them age-appropriate tasks of course, but we don’t see any reason they can’t help out with re-painting a bedroom or planting some seeds in the garden. When occupied, your kids will be less likely to crave screen time, and you can also use this opportunity to talk to your kids about their day.

Pick Up A New Hobby

Whoever said that parents can’t partake in activities for the kids, or vice versa? Again, age-appropriate activities only, though we’d think that this particular point is only applicable for older children. It could be a parent-child yoga class, learning to play the piano together or even going for hands-on workshops at the Botanic Gardens – basically anything that interests you; the world’s your oyster!

Volunteer For A Cause

Most young kids nowadays don’t realise how good they have it, especially if they haven’t yet been exposed to various situations experienced by different people around the world, especially those in underprivileged countries. Be it volunteering at a children’s hospital or an old folk’s home, or even at an animal shelter, this meaningful activity will help nurture your kids into becoming compassionate human beings in the future.

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