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Can’t wait to meet the baby? After the anticipation that built up for nine months, you are excited to finally meet the newborn and be one of the first people to get a glimpse of her.

Be cautious though. Keep these things in mind so you’ll be welcome to visit again. 

#1 Do not come unannounced

Though the parents have prepared for the baby’s birth, they still have a lot of adjustments to make with the baby finally at home. Do not stress the new parents by visiting without informing or asking for their permission first. Call or wait to be invited.

#2 Be mindful of germs

New mums are extra careful when it comes to their newborns as babies are very sensitive and can easily pick up a disease or infection. Avoid visiting if you are sick or have been with sick people lately. Unless permitted by the new mum, do not bring your kids even if they are well, as they may expose the newborn to germs as well. Wash your hands before holding the little one.

 #3 Bring food or a simple token

Bringing food to new parents is highly recommended as they may have been too busy with the new addition to their family. It can be something that’s ready for consumption or an easy-to-make meal. Other than food, you can also gift them with baby essentials like diapers or socks.

#4 Offer to help if you can

Aside from just visiting, take it as an opportunity to offer help to the new mum. She may not have had a decent sleep or haven’t taken a break yet since they’ve brought the newborn home. Little help like offering to wash the dishes, looking after the baby for a couple of hours, or tidying up the house will be very much appreciated. But don’t forget to ask permission first.

#5 Visit only if it is convenient for the parents

Showing up unannounced is a different thing, visiting during your free time is another. Be willing to adjust your visiting schedule if the parents request so. Having a newborn is affecting their schedules too so make sure to be extra sensitive. If they tell you you can’t visit on a specific day, respect it and ask when is the most convenient for them instead.

#6 Do not overstay

Unless they request you to stay longer, avoid wearing out your welcome especially if the mum and dad haven’t had enough time to rest yet. While your visit is seen as a good gesture, sometimes parents would also want to make sure to put their baby to sleep on time or would want an extra quiet time.

#7 Do not comment on the mum’s physical appearance 

The new mum may have gained weight after giving birth. Her appearance may have slightly changed as well. She probably looks a little stressed or restless. Keep those opinions to yourself. The last thing a new mum would want to hear is a person’s negative observations of how she looks. Instead, look for things you can compliment like how the baby got her mum’s eyes or lips.

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