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Image credit: Sioin Queenie Liao

Nap time may be a welcome respite for some parents, but for others, it’s a photography wonderland. Want a creative way to document your little one’s growing years? Check out these parents’ mastersnoozes! 

#1 Queenie Liao


One of the OG mums of this ‘sleeping baby photography’ trend, Queenie Liao’s photo series uses little more than common household materials to depict her son’s slumbering adventures!

#2 @Lauraiz


A post shared by Laura Izumikawa (@lauraiz) on

Judging from her elaborate photos, we’re guessing baby Joey must have an entire wardrobe filled with gorgeous costumes and props!

#3 @hellopoppylee

To pull off this berry sweet snap, all you’ll need is a slumbering baby, a slice of your preferred fruit and some perspective!

#4 @fredslittleworld


A post shared by Fred (@fredslittleworld) on

Hosting an Easter egg hunt has never been so effortless! Now, if only baby Peter Rabbit would stop snoozing…

#5 @sienna.and.i


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This cosy photo invokes a warm sense of wonder, but the real magic lies in this mummy being able to get her baby to fall asleep in a cardboard box.

#6 @sienna.and.i


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We couldn’t resist adding in another snap from this ingenious mum. After all, it isn’t everyday you get to see a sleepwalking baby!

#7 @ellis_place


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If you squint really hard, you’ll be able to spot a baby in a field of flowers, looking up at the starry skies – oh wait.

#8 @anatolievna.o 

One parent’s dream is a child’s worst nightmare!

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