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7 Places To Play Till Shiok This Christmas Long Weekend

Photo credits: HomeTeamNS

In a bat of an eyelid, the school holidays are coming to an end. Since it’s a long weekend ahead, why not take Junior out for a final bash? Here are seven attractions each with a unique lure that kids will be able to play, explore, and learn a new thing or two (that’s the most important aspect right?). Final school holiday weekend, here we come!

  1. Shoot & Scale At Clip ‘n Climb & Laser Quest, HomeTeamNS Tampines

    At the brand-new HomeTeamNS clubhouse, you’ll find Singapore’s first climbing theme park and a Laser Quest. The climbing park has something special: a high tech safety feature called the TruBlue Automatic Belay system that lowers you down very gently, making it suitable for kids as young as four or five years old. Try your hand at 15 different themed walls with varying levels to suit beginners to experienced climbers. Little kids as young as five or six will be happy to get to do some real shooting at the Laser Quest, and can enter and play when accompanied by an adult. Clip ‘n Climb tickets: $18 for 90 minutes; Laser Quest: $10 per mission.

    HomeTeamNS_Laser Quest

    Photo credit: HomeTeamNS

  2. Hi-5 Playland At Christmas Wonderland

    The Hi-5 Funtastic House is here and kids will have a great time expelling and playing at the three zones that are designed to replicate learning surroundings similar to those they see on the Hi-5 television series complete with music and movement. Mini fans will get to dress up in Hi-5 costumes, and can perform live to Hi-5 songs. There’s also a Hi-5 Tumble House, which is a bouncy castle obstacle course, and a Hi-5 ball pit. Ready or not, come and get it! Price: $24 per child from www.christmaswonderland.sg

    Hi-5 Playland Bouncy Castle

    Photo credit: Christmas Wonderland

  3. Dinosaurs At Zoo-rassic Park

    Young dino fans will be delighted to hear this: There are life-like animatronics dinosaurs at the Singapore Zoo. The lush and leafy garden near the otter enclosure has been transformed into a Dinosaur Valley where you’ll find lifelike dinosaur displays like the T-rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Spinosaurus. Then, see and learn fun facts about living dinosaurs like alligator snapping turtle, indian gharial and giant salamander at River Safari next door. Tickets: $25 per child and $39 per adult (includes admission to the Singapore Zoo and River Safari)

    SingaporeZoo_Dino valley

    Photo credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

  4. Be A-Muse At The Singapore Biennale 2016 @SAM 

    This year’s edition is entitled An Atlas of Mirrors, and tells history through contemporary artworks scoured from over 60 artists from Southeast Asia, and East and South Asia. Don’t think it’s too “deep” for you and your child. We’ve checked it out already, and believe us when we say these creations are so impactful that it’ll make you shudder. Plus, these are always a good source of new inspirations for the kids to start the new school year. Tickets: Free per child 6 years and under, $7.50 per child 7 and above, $15 per adult, at the Singapore Art Museum.

    Singapore Biennale 2016 Nobuaki Takekawa

    Photo caption: Singapore Biennale

  5. Christmas Activities At KidZania

    Before thinking “yes, I’ve heard this before”, hear us out. There are several special events happening at this roleplaying theme park including a Meet & Greet with Leonardo and Donatello from TMNT. Other must-do items: creating your own KidZania Christmas photo frame at Santa’s Workshop and saying “Kai” to Santa Claus! Tickets: $55.10 per child & $33.25 per adult (online price) 


    Photo credit: KidZania Singapore

  6. Dinosaur Fish at S.E.A. Aquarium

    Did you know that the eggs of Platinum Alligator Gars’ are poisonous to humans? And that these megafish can grow up to three metres in length and weigh 140kg? See them for yourself. And at Resorts World Sentosa, you’ll spot some incredibly rare snow-white ones, which gets their silvery hue due to a pigmentation disorder called leucism which is a partial loss of pigmentation which results in white, pale or patchy coloration of the scales. See, there’s lots to learn about. Tickets: $22 per child & $34 per adult (includes admission to the Pokemon Research Exhibition and $5 retail voucher).

    SEA_alligator gar

    Photo credit: Resorts World Sentosa

  7. Find Pikachu at AMK Hub

    Pokemon GO Gen 2 and cute Pikachus in Santa hats are all the rage this festive season. And one prime spot not to overlook is AMK Hub, which has FIVE Pokestops within the compact mall itself. We hear it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll capture Togepi and Pichu. And you’ll get rewarded for catching them too – a Pokeball Puff by Chewy Junior. Just present any Gen 2 Pokemon on your Pokemon GO app at the B1 Information Counter to claim your prize. Free.

    AMK_Poke Stops

    Photo caption: AMK Hub