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For children, play is everything – it’s how they develop and learn about the world. Playing is a child’s full-time job and it is learning for life. It’s not just about fun and games, but it’s also how children learn, develop and become who they are. So make your home the best playground for them to play and grow in! Here’s how!

  1. See things from a child’s perspective
    Play can happen any time, anywhere and not just around toys. Look out for furnishing items that have safety and play built into its design. Consider how these things will be used from a child’s perspective so that the room can be both a comfortable haven and the perfect playground.
  2. Make space to move, rock, spin and run
    Children like to try things out, learn through experimentation and test their limits. Ensure that there is enough space for them to move freely and be active while at home, so that they can have fun and develop their motor skills at the same time. For example, a folding gym mat protects children from hard floors while teaching them to fall well. It also acts as a partition wall or divider to enable kids to make their own rest space.
  3. Make room for imagination
    Image Credit: Etsy

    Image Credit: Etsy

    Let the kiddos personalise their space and explore their identities, and let your home be a place that helps stimulate their creativity. This can be done by creating a mini-circus at home with a children’s tent, or include a spotlight for your budding astronauts to add a space-adventure feel to their room.
  4. Toys for learning and for fun
    And of course, not forgetting the all-important toys! Choose toys that are safe, durable and fun to play with, which can also motivate kids to develop motor skills, social skills and logical thinking. 
  5. Make room for organising play, or for play that is organised

    With all those toys, remember to have enough storage spaces around the home for kids to keep their prized possessions away neatly. Opt for storage that can grow with your kids and their treasures. You can then freely add on more as and when you need!
  6. Allow play to go its own way in a safe environment
    Children don’t think about safety when playing, so it is our jobs as parents to do so. Create a safe environment for your child to explore and grow in by ensuring that the furniture and toys are made with zero tolerance on chemicals, and have rounded corners and no sharp edges. 
  7. More space to spend time together, more space for kids to grow
    Last but certainly not least, make space – everywhere at home – for your little ones to be around you, so you can spend more time together. Children want to be where their parents are!

So make way for play and give children the space they need, all while adding some extra area to your living room. A balancing bench, for instance, helps kids to practise walking and balancing, and can also be used for sitting when getting ready.