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Kids go back to school today and this means homeworks are back in the game. Naturally, not all children look forward to doing these assignments. They may think it’s an added task on top of the usual hours they spend inside the classroom.

This new year, you can cultivate new habits and encourage your child to be more enthusiastic about school. Here are some ways you can help your little one love doing homework. 

#1 Create a routine

Your child may not dread doing homework if it’s something they can anticipate regularly. Work with your child in setting a dedicated study time so they can make this routine a natural part of their day. Provide a conducive study space to avoid any distraction as well.

#2 Provide the necessary tools

It will be so much easier for your child to accomplish a task if they have everything they need. Stock up on pens, papers, books, and other educational materials that might be needed for homework. A tablet or laptop filled with educational apps may also come in handy. Just ensure they’re using these gadgets with proper supervision.

#3 Make sure you’re reachable when they need help

Helping is different from spoon-feeding. Make it clear to your child that they can ask for your help whenever they need to but avoid ending up doing everything. Give them the freedom to discover solutions and action plans while still being there to motivate whenever you can. 

#4 Recognise their work 

It goes without saying that kids love it when their parents appreciate what they do. Recognise your child’s work by either praising or giving a small reward. However, rewards should not be used all the time to motivate a child to do something. Just always be ready to let your child know that you see them working really hard and that the efforts don’t go unnoticed.

#5 Allow them to take a break

Even the most diligent of kids have to take a breather too. Sometimes, homework may even stress children out. Give your child a chance to take a break in between assignments. For example, let them have a 10- to 15-minute break once they’re done with one homework and before proceeding to the next one.

#6 Be a role model

If you want your child  to love studying, show them that you also love learning. It will be nice if your kids see you writing or reading a book. This way, you’re modelling the behaviour you’re expecting from them.

#7 Monitor

Just because your child is doing well in school doesn’t mean you have to stop monitoring their progress. Always check on how they’re doing in school and if their schoolworks have been accomplished. It will also help if you collaborate with their teacher and ask for insights about your child’s performance.

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