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Are your kids often distracted from their work? Do you repeatedly tell them to study but they do not seem to gain much ground? Perhaps you need to nudge them in the right way, check out these tips by Dr. Robyn Silverman to help your kids concentrate better.

Create a routine for them
When children have a routine, they will start getting used to allocating their time and using their minds to fully focus on what should be done at each time slot, and they will concentrate on completing each task.

Schedule breaks in their routine
Everyone needs a break from time to time, let alone children who tend to have shorter attention spans. It’s good for them to rest their eyes, go out for some physical activity for 30 mins every 2 – 3 hours so that they can concentrate fully on their work after they have rested.

Setting goals
It would be good to encourage them to set goals for themselves. Parents will often have expectations for each child, but if a child sets a goal for him or herself, they will be more likely to achieve it for themselves.

Give them praises
Kids will not get everything right the first time and might falter behind even if they have a schedule, sometimes they might not manage to finish homework within the allocated time. However it’s important to praise their progress and give them positive encouragement so that they will feel more motivated to complete what is on hand and do better next time.

Ensure the environment is conducive
If their bedroom is cluttered and noisy due to younger siblings, bring them to a room or a table where they can concentrate on studying better. If there is simply no space at home, take them to a public library. Children are easily distracted and tend to lose concentration when there are obstructions or too much noise in their surroundings.

Inform others to stay quiet
There are usually others in the family who engage in other activities when one child is studying. Remind them to keep their noise level low and stay further away from your child’s sight if possible. Seeing others doing fun activities will cause them to feel unsettled and lose interest in their work.

Teach them how to stay focused
Every child will need a different method, whether it’s listening to classical music or using a timer for each task. Train them to concentrate and stay on task so that they can be productive in the long run. Once they are on track with their schoolwork and grasp concepts better, they will pay more attention and continue to concentrate on their work.

According to Dr. Robyn Silverman, these tips will help you to get your child to concentrate on their work more effectively. When you start implementing these factors, make sure that you are consistent so that your child does not find reasons to lose concentration on work. After they learn how to concentrate by themselves, they will be able to adapt to different situations.

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