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7 Ways to Shrink Your Grocery Bills

Are you spending more than you should every time you visit the supermarket? Here are some tips for you to make the most of your trip and save some money while you’re at it.

  1. Make a list
     Before heading out to the store, make a list of the foods that you need and their quantities. Raid your cabinets and plan your meals to ensure that you know exactly what items you already have, what you are lacking, and what you will need to prepare the meals you plan to make. Most importantly, stick to your list; do not deviate from it. Otherwise, you will just end up spending more than you have already budgeted.
  2. Set a firm budget
    Shopping for the lowest-priced items at the store does not necessarily mean that you will spend less on groceries. Instead, have a specific target number. The benefits? With limited spending money each week, you rarely overbuy and have produce go bad. In fact, you are pressed to use every last leftover available in the fridge.
  3. Train your eye for the bottom shelf
    Stores usually stock the higher priced items right at eye level. As most people are in a hurry when shopping, they tend to grab the first thing that they see, which is exactly what the store is hoping that you will do. Check the top and bottom shelves for cheaper prices – this will save you big bucks.
  4. Become less brand loyal
    Make the leap from name brand to generic brand. A popular brand does not equate to being the best in the market. Most of the time, a product is well known due to its marketing campaign. Sometimes, the pricey tag may be for its fancy packaging. You should give other generic brands a try. Just by switching to generic brands on a few of the items on your list can take a massive bite out of your grocery bill.
  5. Get the best deals
    Look for specials, like a “4 for $10” deal – this may sound too easy to be true, but try to find out which stores have deals and sales. There are stores that tend to sell a few items below cost each week to entice customers to shop. Learn to spot these bargains and snatch them up.
  6. Buy “must go” foods
    Want a true bargain price? Go for marked down items. Stores routinely give discount for dairy, baked goods and produce, especially when these items approach their sell-by dates or become less attractive (think: crushed bread, dented canned baked beans). Rest assured that these items are perfectly safe to eat, even several days after they have been purchased.
  7. Buy big, save big
    When buying products that can be kept for a long time, such as rice, canned goods and other staple items, buy in bulk when appropriate. Buying items in bulk can be the biggest way to save on your grocery bills. However, do keep in mind that some bulk prices are not as economical as buying several units of the product.

What are some other tips you have while grocery shopping? Share them with us in the comments box below.