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We all have our own ways of documenting the treasured moments spent with our little ones. In this age of connectivity, these influencer mums have chosen to capture their parenthood journey in a more special way—by taking it onto popular social media platforms like YouTube. In between work, life, and parenting responsibilities, these “power” YouTuber mums still got it in them to curate interesting video content to share with parents from all around the world! 


This stylish mother of two shows us that “mum-fashion” does not have to be boring! Always looking chic and fashionable, Linda Vuong packs her YouTube channel with beauty and fashion content, ranging from makeup routine tutorials to themed fashion haul videos. The Vietnamese mum also regularly updates her viewers on her motherhood journey, from “A Day In The Life” catch-up vlogs to baby’s firsts videos documenting her child’s first solids, first snow, and first day of school experiences, to name a few.

Sarah Lemkus

For the wanderlust, this adventurous mother from New Zealand takes viewers on the road with her as she embarks on her travels with her husband and two girls, Beth and Audrey. Check out the video where Sarah Lemkus shares about what it’s like to go on a trip around Europe with kids, all while living full-time in a van. The vegan mum also readily contributes plant-based recipes on her channel!


Korean YouTuber mum and beauty content creator Angel uses her channel to share essential K-beauty and fashion know-hows with fellow mothers. From “Mommy Makeup” tutorials to “Mid-30’s Skincare Beauty Concerns and Tips,” the mother of two makes it a point to show viewers that it is perfectly possible to maintain your youthful beauty even as a mum.

Brianna K

For the hands-on mum, Brianna K’s colourful channel lined with home décor and cleaning content is definitely perfect for you. Mother of Landon and Presley, Brianna is constantly up on her feet and ready to dish out interesting DIY content for her viewers. With the festive season fast approaching, don’t miss Brianna’s “Decorate With Me for Christmas” videos. If you’re already thinking about your next spring cleaning session, be sure to also check out her useful (and motivating!) cleaning and decluttering videos.

Susan Yara

Susan Yara shows us what it means to be a “super” mum while she takes on multiple roles as a beauty and wellness expert, producer, television host, founder of women’s content company Mixed Makeup, AND being a doting mother to her two kids, Nikash and Ayla. With her admirable credentials as a beauty and wellness expert, Susan readily produces unique beauty and lifestyle content such as pregnancy skincare, prenatal facials, and even pregnancy workout videos. Susan also allows her viewers to get a glimpse of her heartwarming pregnancy journey while carrying Ayla, including a C-section birth story. 

Lindy Tsang (Bubz)

More commonly known by her online personality, Bubz, beauty influencer Lindy Tsang reveals snippets of her life as a mother of two children, Isaac and Ayla, through her YouTube channel Bubzvlogz. With a strong following, the Chinese-Northern Irish influencer has continued to entertain her dedicated followers with humorous, meme-worthy videos of her little ones, such as “Squat Goals”—a video of her kids adorably mimicking her in doing squat workouts. For beauty tips, hop on to her other channel, Bubzbeauty.

Kandie Family

Managed by Singaporean actor Andie Chen and his spouse Kate Pang, the Kandie Family Youtube channel was launched to document the celebrity couple’s marriage and parenting journeys. On top of family holiday videos, fans of the pair can look forward to the talk show-esque Pillowtalk, and Pillowtalk MINI episodes, where the couple discusses relevant topics like work-life balance and the Primary One balloting exercise, in bed.

Ember Yong

Easily one of the most known twins in Singapore, Leia and Lauren even have a YouTube channel dedicated to them managed by their influencer mum, Ember Yong. Tag along the Momo (Monoamniotic-Monochorionic) Twins as they travel to different parts of the world with their adventurous mum. You can also check out Ember’s blog for travel, parenting, fashion, and lifestyle content.

Featured photo credit: LeiaLauren’s Facebook page

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