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Ahh, the weather, the humidity, the scorching sun…we feel you. In fact, a searing 36.7 deg C was recorded in Seletar on April 13, the hottest temperature seen in Singapore in 10 years! According to NEA, Singapore experienced significantly warmer conditions in the first two weeks of April, where the highest daily maximum temperature ranged between 34.1°C and 36.7°C. While there were rain showers on many days during this period, the rain brought only brief relief to the warm conditions.

Here are 8 suggestions we’ve compiled for you to cool off in this hot, hot weather!

  1. Drink up! – This one’s a no-brainer but seriously, keep yourself as hydrated as you possibly can is highly critical. Drop those sodas and juices and bulk up on your water supply instead. Also, try filling a spray bottle with water and mist yourself every now and then. The water will evaporate and cool you off when you’re out and about.
  2. Wear Thin, Loose-Fitting Clothes – This should be obvious, but stills needs to reminded. Wear short-sleeve shirts made of cotton, linen, or rayon. Better yet, wear a tank top. Of course you may not always have the luxury of being in comfy clothes but whatever you wear, make sure your clothes are light coloured as dark clothes tend to absorb more heat.
  3. Avoid Strenuous Activities – Slow down and activities which will stimulate your body and raise its core temperature. If you must go jogging, do it during the coolest part of the day, which is usually before 7am. Alternatively, opt for water sports!
  4. Soak your Feet In a Bucket of Ice Water – The body radiates heat from the hands, feet, face and ears, so cooling any of these will efficiently cool the body.
  5. Avoid Heavy Meals – Eating a lot in one go will only make you feel hotter, as digestion uses a lot of energy and generates body heat. If you want to stay cool, eat small amounts of cold food throughout the day, instead of stockpiling your body’s work after one big meal.
  6. Run Fans Counter Clockwise – Did you know that the direction of ceiling fans can make a big difference? Ceiling fans should run counter clockwise, as a clockwise movement will create an up-draft and force warm air down.
  7. Shower Right – Take a tepid bath or shower just below body temperature, especially before bedtime. Although a cold shower might sound more tempting, your body generates heat afterwards to compensate for the heat loss.
  8. Choose Cotton Sheets – While textiles like flannel sheets and fleece blankets are fantastic for insulation, cotton is a smarter move this time of year as it breathes easier and stays cooler.

And there you have it! 8 easy cooling hacks to try! What are some other suggestions you have? Leave us a comment down below.