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If you’re an avid follower of local television, these faces are definitely going to be familiar to you. Behind all the glitz and glamour of celebrity life, however, they’re more than just faces on a screen— they’re part of families, with many being fathers to children as little as babies in the crib to young adults. And glimpses of their lives can be seen on their social media accounts, mainly Instagram, which features celebrity dads going about their daily lives, sometimes with children in tow.

As we celebrate Father’s Day, here are some dads you should follow to liven up your feed a tad more!

#1 Shaun Chen

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We are here !!#disneyonice

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Photo credit: Shaun Chen’s Instagram (@shaunchenhongyu)

The star of The Journey: Tumultuous Times, Shaun Chen is the father of daughters Nellie and Neia, and has been pictured taking the girls out with wife Celine Chin to various events. Among the recent ones on his feed featured them at Disney on Ice!

#2 Fadhlur Rahman

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Meet our 3rd angel, Irha Medina Binte Fadhlur Rahman ♥️ #fadhash #mynumberonetwothree #familyoffive

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Photo credit: Fadhlur Rahman’s Instagram (@fadhulurrahman)

Actor and host Fadhlur Rahman’s Instagram feed has a strong focus on his children, with his kids as the main stars of his pictures. The couple welcomed third child Irha Medina just a month ago. Glad to see the family thriving!

#3 Daniel Ong

Photo credit: Daniel Ong’s Instagram (@daniel_ong_singapore)

The former radio DJ and host may have split with ex-beauty queen Jaime Teo back in 2016, but that doesn’t mean daughter Renee gets the short end of the stick. Both sides share custody and Ong co-parents with Teo, with Renee showing up frequently on both feeds.

#4 Andie Chen

Photo credit: Andie Chen’s Instagram (@andiechen)

One half of local entertainment darling couple “Kandie,” it’s no surprise that Andie Chen of The Lead and C.L.I.F. fame is one of the most well-known celebrity dads in the Singapore scene. His children Aden and Avery even star in their own Instagram account under a collective family name, @kandiefamily, coined by friends combining Andie’s and wife Kate Pang’s names.

#5 Christopher Lee

Photo credit: Christopher Lee’s Instagram (@aiainbaby)

Christopher Lee and Fann Wong’s long-time courtship turned into a marriage with a child back in 2009. Over the past 10 years, fans have been witness to snapshots of Zed growing up—through both parents’ Instagram accounts! We simply love this adorable family.

#6 Ben Yeo

Photo credit: Ben Yeo’s Instagram (@benyeo23)

Not only is he one of the most popular artists in the last few years, but Ben Yeo is also the proud dad of two sons. Javier and Jarius also inspired him to co-author cookbooks—Cooking for Kids and Healthy Meals for Kids—with recipes suitable for tykes, and he has been known to involve his boys in the kitchen as well.  

#7 Syarif Sleeq

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Bff. #selmamalika #thesyarifs

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Photo credit: Syarif Sleeq’s Instagram (@syarif.ig)

Despite starting his own churros business after leaving popular Malay hip-hop duo SleeQ, busy entrepreneurial dad Syarif Sleeq still manages to take the time out of his schedule to spend time with his children and has been known to be pretty handy with the pair. Selma Malika and Umar Nael may still be young, but we’re sure they’ll melt (as we did!) after seeing the caption dad added to this picture of them: “I want ya’ll to look back to an unforgettable childhood. ❤️” Aww!

#8 Zheng Geping

Photo credit: Zheng Geping’s Instagram (@zhenggeping)

Unlike most dads on this list, Zheng Geping’s kids are already up-and-coming stars in the entertainment scene. However, that doesn’t mean the Channel 8 veteran actor and executive producer has stopped posting pictures of his children—Tay Ying and Calvert both make appearances here and there.

#9 Qi Yuwu

Photo credit: Qi Yuwu’s Instagram (@qiyuwu)

After spending much time in the limelight both for his acting accolades and marriage with fellow showbiz partner Joanne Peh, it’s not unexpected for Qi Yuwu to wish to keep the names and faces of his children under wraps. Despite that, a smattering of faceless shots can be found on his Instagram, hashtagged with #babyqi and #qididi to represent his daughter and son respectively.

Featured image credit: Christopher Lee’s Instagram (@aiainbaby) and Fadhlur Rahman’s Instagram (@fadhulurrahman)

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