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Mum life is crammed with children to take care of and mile-long to-do lists. But with only 24 hours a day, how do mummies maintain high levels of efficiency and avoid burnout? Get started with these 9 habits.

Habit: Choosing extra-productive hours

Be it getting up early before the kids wake or staying up past their bedtime, efficient mums know that their productive levels will skyrocket when they’re able to work undisturbed. Pick the time you’re most productive and commit to it. Just remember to only rise early, or stay up late – don’t do both lest you burn out! Make having a good night’s sleep a priority so you can go about your day feeling fresh.

Habit: Tackling to-do lists differently

When approaching a seemingly endless string of to-dos, allocate a timeframe to get each task or errand done, instead of attempting to work your way through each one. For example, dedicate an hour to house chores, another for work matters and so forth. Challenging yourself to stick to the time limit, and completing as many tasks throughout will help you stay focused, and improve your overall efficiency.

Habit: Prepping for success

Efficient mums aren’t immune to the occasional lazy day, but being disciplined and planning ahead helps them get moving. For example, if you’re prone to lazing in bed instead of getting up for a morning workout, set out your workout gear the night before so there’s no excuse to sleep in. Or if you’ve tons of work to do but feel tempted to use your phone, set it someplace you can’t easily reach, or download a focus app that’ll keep you on track.

Habit: Multi-tasking

When you have limited hours a day to get things done, pair off tasks that can be knocked off simultaneously. Think listening to an audio book while grocery shopping, helping with your child’s homework assignments as you fold the laundry, or catching up on your favourite shows while exercising. Plus, it’s a great way to keep yourself entertained while doing routine tasks.

Habit: Keeping her environment clean and organised

Heaven knows it’s hard to keep the house clean with kids around, but having neat surroundings do contribute to efficiency. Not only does it save you the trouble (and time) of trying to locate various items, it’s hard trying to focus when you’re surrounded with clutter. Instead of trying to overhaul your home and tidy it up at one go, make it a point to clean up a little at the end of every day.

Habit: Scheduling time-off

Who says super mums don’t need time off? You might have tons of things begging for your attention, but scheduling in time for self-care must be a priority. Whether it’s curling up with a good book, catching up with your pals, or working on a hobby, it’s important to recharge and indulge in activities that make you feel good. 

Habit: Choosing when to say “yes”

Many burnt out mums are guilty of overextending themselves by doing way too much for others. Learn to say “no”, especially if you already have too much on your plate – it’s perfectly alright to decline doing things that simply don’t fit your schedule and won’t contribute meaningfully to your life. Understand that you are one woman, and as efficient as you’re striving to be, you simply won’t be able to do everything. Just do what you can, and don’t sweat the rest.

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