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EXCLUSIVE: A Day With Instagram Twins, Leia and Lauren

This month, we caught up with Instagram stars #momotwins Leia and Lauren and their amazing parents for an exclusive interview and photoshoot session!

Presenting Leia & Lauren
With more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, you must have surely seen pictures of these adorable little twins going viral on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.


If you’re wondering what makes them so popular besides being super cute, all the credit goes to their parents Peter and Amber, who have a passion in photography and styling respectively.

momo-twins-collage-max1 Why MoMo?
In case you didn’t know, “MoMo” is actually more than an endearing nickname as it symbolises the type of twins they actually are – Monoamniotic-Monochorionic twins (Mo-Mo) – identical twins who share the same (one) amniotic sac but each has a separate umbilical cord. Looking at these two beautiful chubby and healthy babies, you would not have guessed that they were delivered prematurely at 32 weeks via C-section as advised by their doctor. Let’s find out more out on their birth journey below!


How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant with MoMo twins?
As it was a rare pregnancy, our initial private gynaecologist advised us from the beginning that our babies will be delivered earlier than the normal 40-week pregnancy due to the risk of cord entanglement as the pregnancy progresses. We just didn’t expect that it was going to be eight weeks earlier! Babies who are born closer to their estimated due date (EDD) tend to have fewer problems than babies born earlier but even those who are born late preterm (closer to 37 weeks) are also at risk for problems. So imagine the stress and apprehension.

How did you plan for the delivery?
We only found out later at 31st week (from a second opinion) that it is standard protocol to deliver MoMo twins at 32 weeks because delaying their birth just wasn’t worth the medical risks. It was a balance between the babies’ development versus the increasing risk of cord entanglement. This was so sudden and certainly not a choice that we could make. I was sent in for steroid jabs almost immediately and the C-section the week after. We were blessed to have done so, for when Leia and Lauren were born, their cords were already in a ball of knots. We would have lost them had we waited any longer.


Was it fear, anxiety or relief when the big day came before hitting the delivery room?
It was a frenzy mix of emotions, fear, anxiety and excitement.


What was your reaction when the doctor informed you that the twins are born?
It was instant relief and pure joy when the doctor announced that both babies and mummy were fine, but when she followed on to say they could face potential risks due to their weight (Leia and Lauren at 1.5kg and 1.6kg respectively) and that they have to be admitted to the ICU immediately, it was back to fear and worries. It was heartbreaking to see Leia and Lauren, being so small and frail with medical needles and tubes to support them.

Wow, what an adventure these twins have been on! We can’t wait to see them grow into little tots and young girls! We had such a fun time with the twins and their parents. Check out our April issue for more of the interview with MoMo Twins and click play below to see our exclusive behind-the-scenes footage!