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A Kid’s Guide To Visiting Jewel Changi Airport

Before this massive new Orchard Road of the East officially opens its doors to the public on 17 April, it’s best to narrow down a list of must-visits to prevent you and your family from getting overwhelmed when you’re in Jewel Changi Airport. As this location has over 300 retail and F&B outlets, here’s a handy guide of places that will simply delight the little ones.

#1 The Pokemon Centre


Who doesn’t love the adorable pocket monsters? Finally, the Pokemon Center has opened its first official merchandise store outside of Japan. Apart from the giant statue of Lapras and Pikachu at the store’s entrance, this Pokemon haven houses a wide range of merchandise that includes about 143 Pokemon mini plush toys as well as the Singapore-exclusive Pikachu plushies that are dressed in pilot and cabin crew uniforms.

#2 Shaw Theatres


Photo credit: Shaw Theatres

Unlike most cinemas across the island, Shaw Theatres Jewel houses Singapore’s first dedicated family cinema hall equipped with child-friendly features. Here, families can enjoy screenings of family-friendly movies all-year round in colourful seats with the option to sit on bean bags located at the open space in the front. Parents can also opt to create a soft lighting in the cinema as well as reduce the brightness and volume of the film they’ll be watching. Plus, parents may bring one child (below 90 cm in height) into the cinema for free!

#3 The Better Toy Store


Photo credit: The Better Toy Store

Known as a child’s workshop of award-winning toys with the belief that children deserve the very best, The Better Toy Store features carefully selected toys that excel in play value, design, quality, and impact on the environment. A lot of the toys available are not only age-appropriate but are also open-ended, introducing a different facet of play as kids grow and change in abilities and interests. The toys also exceed the stringent safety standards set by the European EN71 and US ASTM standards of safety, ensuring children stay safe while they play.

#4 Times Junior


Photo credit: Times Bookstore

Reading should not be a lost art and at Jewel Changi Airport, you’ll find Times Bookstore’s first stand-alone store that caters to children. Times Junior takes a fun and holistic approach towards education, creative learning, discovery, and interaction with the many related titles available—including a dedicated selection of children’s books written by Singaporean authors.

#5 Shiseido Forest Valley


Photo credit: Jewel Changi Airport

Explore the idyllic landscapes with your little one as you enjoy a gentle hike through the Shiseido Forest Valley. Both the Eastern and Western trails promise a different experience past rocky falls or through mist to enhance your trek. You’ll also get to discover intriguing plants from all around the world, including more than 900 trees and palm, and about 60,000 shrubs!

#6 HSBC Rain Vortex


Photo credit: Jasmine Ong

If there’s one thing the whole family can’t miss, it would be the HSBC Rain Vortex that sits at the heart of Jewel. Be mesmerised by the world’s tallest indoor waterfall as you watch the water flow 40 metres down to the basement in gleaming sunlight. Come nightfall, secure a good vantage point with your family as you take in the splendour of the nightly light and sound show.

Just when you thought Jewel Changi Airport already has tons of attractions, you’ll be amused to know that there are more to open in mid-2019. Remember to keep a look out for the following:

#1 Canopy Park


Photo credit: Jewel Changi Airport

The top floor of Jewel Changi Airport is a huge recreational wonderland for all. It’s a perfect space to unwind with incredibly fun activities such as mazes, bouncing nets, and slides.

#2 Manulife Sky Nets – Bouncing and Walking


Photo credit: Jasmine Ong

Stretching 250 metres long, experience the thrill of being almost weightless as you indulge in a safe and free play with your little one on the bouncing net! After that, you might also want to experience crossing a void with the walking sky net that is suspended 25 meters above ground.

#3 Hedge Maze


Photo credit: Jewel Changi Airport

Enjoy great bonding time with your family in Singapore’s largest hedge maze that rewards you with a bird’s eye view of the maze’s intricate windings when you reach the watch tower at the heart of the maze.

#4 Discovery Slides


Photo credit: Jewel Changi Airport

A fun way to interact with art—your little one is bound to have endless fun as he explores the different ways to enjoy this giant sculptural playscape!

#5 Foggy Bowls


Photo credit: Jewel Changi Airport

This dreamy setting allows your child to play with mist that emits from the bowl-shaped hole in the field. It’s also a good place for mummies and daddies to take a breather from shopping.

#6 Topiary Walk


Photo credit: Jewel Changi Airport

Encounter topiary animals including two friendly orangutans in this whimsical wonderland that also doubles as a great photo spot!

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